April 24, 2012

The ´field´ is white and ready to harvest... Apr 23, 2012

And when I say it´s WHITE, I mean we are getting the beauty of the SNOW at the end of the world. It is COLD! Brr...good thing I have some winter clothes that I can put on...all of them....every day. No sickness or frostbite yet! haha
Though yesterday at church, there were a lot of sniffles and coughing etc, we are blessedly NOT SICK! And everyone else is! I guess everyone needs to labor more in the Work of the Lord!
SO we have little time. I just want to let you know that we are working with Estefani. Her estory is a great one. She just moved her from Colombia and is living with a member friend. She was all ready to get baptized up in Colombia BUT felt that she still needed some time and some more knowledge. Turns out that she didn´t have a very strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. In other words, she said she believed everything but him. We testified, we read the testimony in the front of the BoM and we taught the Restoration...again. Then we felt to leave her a couple of videos to watch. We showed up the day after she watched the videos and she said casually as we were warming our hands by the heater, oh you know that thing i wasn´t sure about, I got it.
WHATT?!?! Yeah, ok. Will you get baptized this weekend?..... Yeah, I would love that.
It was a great miracle. There´s more to the story but not any more time. We are hiking to the glacier today. Much like i would in ALaska BUT it´s FREEZING and slightly rainy so.....yeah. It´ll be GREAT! we have another appointment with Estefani tonight and I’m super excited!
Love you all. I know that the Church is true. i still don´t feel like I have any more time in the day than i did a year ago. Remember when I said that mom? Yeah, that feeling never goes away. Everyone is counting down my time. The members here I mean. They keep saying, hey, isn´t it about time for you to go home? RUDE haha I’m sure they mean well. A lot of the ones who ask are mothers who have had missionaries out so I figure they feel super happy for Mom and Dad though they don´t know what they do to my heart!
Love you! Love, love, love!
Have a wonderful week!
Pics are worth a thousand words. So these make up for the short message!
Hermana González

 I cut my comps hair last week. We were trying to keep my mind off of my lost stuff for a bit to see if i could remember where it might be. I bought hair cutting scissors and gave her a trim! haha

 a BIG HAIRY dog that makes us laugh every time we see her because she´s got these big bangs and her underside is soooo dirty that she´s got dreds hanging out all around her poor body.


Our alpargatas (TOMs style shoes but they are really ARGENTINE and these are LEGIT)

some wet and cold missionaries...

and a pic with a BOAT...i don´t know why we loved it but we had a Finding Nemo moment with it and it was special....  

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