April 14, 2012

I just LOVE life!!!!

From April 9th, 2012

 Ok Family and faithful friends, I just want to let you all know that the power and burning faith one can come to have on the mission DOESN´T die if you don´t LET it!!!!
I am so incredibly excited about these coming weeks and am more afraid of the dwindling time than worrying about it. I’m afraid that there´s not much time left because I don´t ever want to stop feeling this way every week when I report about what I´ve been doing. I have had amazing companions and the Lord knows me and has blessed me with yet another amazing Best FRIEND!!
Hermana Kapp is a joy and we have the best days!!! I was feeling a little under the weather this past week (we got REALLY wet in the constant rain and it didn´t do well with my already on the edge of dying health. haha exaggeration of course but I was NOT my full self so after I started taking meds and asked one of the Elders after district meeting for a priesthood blessing (I LOOVE the priesthood and I have FULL faith that my faith and the faith of a worthy priesthood holder helped me recover) I started doing much, much better.) I was feeling guilty for being grumpy and not with full energy to get out and help Hna Kapp learn the area quickly. I told her that last night after a great Sunday of visits and meeting great people and she said, “that was you GRUMPY? This transfer is going to be AMAZING!” Haha it made me feel better that she hadn´t been too effected by my lack of energy and that it hadn´t been so apparent. She said she noticed a real difference after we had rested and I let the meds take effect. All is well in Zion.
We are so alike, it´s nuts. We get along SPLENDIDLY as i have been so fortunate to do with all of my amazing companions on the mission. I loved seeing Hna Erickson last week and she´ll be coming down here at least one day for when President comes to do interviews and then I won´t see her again until....yeesh, 2013. Hna Shelley and Hna Dunn already know that they are REQUIRED to go to my despedida. haha I WILL see them both before I leave and Hna Kapp wins the jackpot to be able to pick through everything I leave behind haha :)
Seriously, Hna Kapp and I both feel like she´s been here way longer than a week. I feel as though we have known each other for years. We teach in an amazing unison that usually takes much longer to work out, practice and plan. It has been a huge blessing since day 1.
We went around to say goodbye to a few people with Hna Shelley. It was great to have some time to say some farewells and let them see both Hna Shelley and Hna Kapp at the same time and see the transition. I am so grateful that Hna Kapp has a wonderful memory for all these people I have been telling her about all week. At church yesterday, she was a rock star and remembered lots of people by stories I told her. It was wonderful.
CRISTINA AND JAVIER got CONFIRMED!!!!! They are now confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!! The newest members on the island!! Well...at least in Ushuaia, don´t know what went down in Rio Grande. haha
I feel like I´m always saying goodbye to Hna Shelley! haha the bajillion pictures that we took together here in Ushuaia make up for the very FEW that we had in Congreso.
I have been learning so much about how important Hna Shelley is to the work in Ushuaia. She´s just amazing organized and has a mind for planning. She always said that she hated planning but she´s so ridiculously good at it, she can´t hate-hate it. I am really grateful for everything that I learned from her because it has really been helping with how I´ve been able to teach Hna Kapp about the area.
This week was a wonderful one for sure. Talking all day, every day about the Atonement of Christ, helping investigators and members alike remember what EASTER is. There is a lot that I would like to study about it later but it is one of the most meaningful weeks I´ve had in my mission. It helped to have this particular recent convert who was really stuck to her catholic traditions but we read together and learned together and the Spirit testified to our hearts of the Savior´s divinity and what we can do to sacrifice our vanity and selfishness to be more like Him. We can and must come in Him to find the peace that He gives. I have been studying the week, day by day, of the last week of the Savior´s mortal ministry and I think it´s a great new tradition to start for Easter week! I learned so much and was truly blessed with a greater love for my Brother and Redeemer.
We even had a special conference all about the Savior as a mission. It was the first time in President Gulbrandsen´s time that we have ALL been gathered, north and south, in a conference and it was amazing. I want to always make this such a special time of year.
Because Jesus lives, we have HOPE. Because He lives, we can repent, we can live again. Because HE LIVES.
Hna Gulbrandsen said this once and I´ve never forgotten it: Christ died to save us and He lived again. He didn´t die again. HE LIVES. Like you and I live, so does the One who loves us more than human mind can comprehend. I hope I can learn to love Him in like manner.
I am so grateful for being here. I am truly blessed to be found worthy as one to represent Him to the marvelous people of Ushuaia and lead them back to the fold of the Good Shepherd.
I love you all and hope that all is well......right?
A couple of shout outs:
Angelica, I´m glad you had such an amazing birthday. I DIED laughing at your email. Seriously, you HAVE to write me more. Just a couple more weeks yo!
Ali Washburn: I heart you face!!! I am so excited for you and congratulations on your call!!!! That´s so amazing and you will be phenomenal. We have GOT to talk hun!!! I LOVE missions!!!!!
Nick: follow Angelica´s example and....write me!! Email is SOOOOO easy. DON´T FORGET!

Hey I’ve been thinking a lot about my brothers. Brett, you are great, you know that? I do love you like a crazy pants and I hope you know that. COLLEGE man!!!! We should move out together!! haha maybe your second semester because I won´t be there for fall...but that would be cool! We can live work and study in SLC! What do you think? Maybe Danny could move in as my roommate after you leave on a mish.....oh wait.....he’ll be married by then! hahaha right?
Sam, is it too late to change a class for next year? You MUST take Mr. Park´s class (if you aren´t already and if he´s still at Timp) I´ve been thinking about that a while. It´s a creative writing class that I always wanted to take but it didn´t work out in my schedule. I had him for 10th grade English and it was a mini version of his creative writing class. It would be LEGIT for your talent. For real. Look into it if you haven´t already.
RUTH!! I love you hair!! I love that you do what you like. I hope you are happy. Haven´t heard from you in a while. PS a couple of my fav young members here looked you up on youtube (I told you I was going to make you famous in Argentina) and they said you have billions of videos!! When are you going to write your own stuff?!?! I will help you and edit your poems and stuff. You´ve got lots to work with!!! Love you pooh
Mom and Dad, you are fantastic! Have I ever told you how much I love and appreciate you guys?? If I haven´t recently, I repent. I LOVE YOU!
No word on flights or anything but I am honestly not worried about it. If you are, I´m sure you could ask Hna Gulbrandsen but I won´t ask :) haha all I know is that the Saturday before my last Sunday I will be flying up to BS AS again for my final interview with President. SAD! I get shorted 2 days! Bah....

Any who,
Love you all. WRITE ME PEEPS! Those who write will be those with whom I will spend some quality time. If not, I don´t know. I´ll move to another state or something and make NEW friends. haha :)
Love y´all forever!
Hna Gonzalez

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