April 3, 2012

hey quick update

Super crazy, awesome transfers. Seriously, it´s been hilarious.
Well, Hna Shelley´s bags are packed and she´s headed north!!! To an area called San Ignacio II.......
HNA DUNN!!!! Small funny world, right? She has STILL only had 3 companions in the field. Hna Shelley is destined to have repeat comps! haha Wow!!!
A LOT of changes in our little zone. EVERY companionship changed. Not the usual thing but hey, what the Lord needs, we will go and do!
My new companion is Hermana KAPP from Highland, UT. Officially wins award for the one who lives closest to home! haha sweet! She´s got 3 months in the mission. Started with Hna Gillum! Then with a sweet, sweet amazing sister I love, Hna Carriola, now here!
I just can´t get over the fact that Hna Shelley’s going to be senior companion,she is going to be with Hna Dunn again. Crazy, right? The Pinto´s will get a kick out of that, I´m sure. Right Camilly?? haha love you!
Oh, and Hermana Erickson came through here!!! She´s on her way to Rio Grande (weird, I forgot I wrote from there last week). She´s going to be companions with Hna Reed! Woot! So I got to see her and be with her about an hour before her combi went on its way to Rio Grande. That was a great blessing because even though she´s down here on the island now, she WON’T be in the north for my despedida in San Fernando which is a bummer! But Hna Dunn and Shelley will be there together with their most recent converts, together!! Hooray!!
This is so nuts. There is an elder here that I heard a LOT about from Hna Erickson when we were together because they were in the same MTC zone and then same zone in the north. Also, more familiar faces are making an appearance tomorrow. Elder Johnson, an elder that used to serve as the secretary to the President when I was in Tigre, is now coming down here to be a zone leader. We were really good friends so I´m super excited for all the great, amazing things that are coming our way this transfer! Seriously!!!!
Rio Grande with Hna Reed was superb. We had a great time and I love her so much. I am so glad that I got to serve with her even though it was only a few days. She´s fantastic! I learned a lot from her in such a short time. I am also very grateful for my wonderful, now former companion, Hna Shelley. I knew that she was going to be called as senior companion soon and I think that this division that we made really helped her see that she CAN do this and now she´s off to do great things.
I am excited about this all.
I´m sending pictures of our MIRACLES from this week! Cristina, the woman we found last week got baptized with her nephew!!!!! HOORAY! Between crazy conference sessions. I hope it was a great conference. I´ll read it when the text comes up next week. We had some major technical difficulties but it was a wonderful experience all the same. Even though it was nuts, our branch, almost all of them, showed for the baptisms and we had great support for these wonderful new members!!
I love this work. It brightens my day when I actually stop and remember that this is what we do, who we are and it´s the best thing in the whole world. The gospel saves lives. It has changed me forever and I hope to always be a person that lives so that my faith isn´t hard to detect.
I can´t wait to tell you all more. Just know that I love you, Hna Kapp and I are going to ROCK it here. We´re going around with Hna Shelley to say goodbye to peeps before taking her to the airport tonight.
Hna Shelley, Hna Reed and Hna Gutierrez in Rio Grande

 Cristina and her nephew.

 Hna Erickson and Hna Shelley!!

 The tall blond one is Hna. Kapp--Hna. Shelley, Me,
(the TALL one that makes me feel like a woodland creature...)
and Hna Erickson. Love them!

Gotta go. I’ll tell you all about the greatness of this week next week. Love you all. Thanks for the love, I feel it and hope to SEE it in my inbox next week, yeah?
What was your favorite part of conference?? Tell me your highlights and favs that I should look up and print off next week. I´m sad I missed it! Best weekend of the year still though. I love these two just like everyone else that is preparing to be baptized!!! Ushuaia, here we come!!
Love you, until next week,
Hna Gonzalez

This email came on the first day of Suzette's last transfer. She would love to hear from you before she comes home.


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