April 24, 2012

It´s not a job, this is my life right now.... Apr 16, 2012

The title is a direct quote from my amazing companion. We talk CONSTANTLY. But we're like the same person so talking is like just being vocally aware that we´re on the same brainwave. We are zoned in on being missionaries ALL day, all night and not ´clocking out´ just because it´s p-day or at home. She´s such a wonderful blessing to me and I´m so glad that I had to come all the way to the end of the world to meet a new best friend from Highland, UT! haha it makes me appreciate her way more. :)
Hna Kapp and I talk about how to be better. We had this great chat about charity and it was remarkable all the things I was learning as I testified to her about experiences that I´ve had throughout the mission and I know that the Spirit wanted to teach me a lot. I thought about how I have come to teach with more charity than when I got here to Argentina and was afraid to even speak. I look at these people we pass and think of what I would want THEM to do were I the one passing them on the street. What lengths would I go to speak and invite if it was MY salvation on the line? It´s what keeps me going. What if it were me? Do I love them as myself? Good, then get out, forget yourself, and go to work.

We had a fantastic week, didn´t have the results we really wanted but we are learning to be patient and press forward doing all the right things despite the lack of INSTANT signs of repentance and change. It doesn´t always work that way.
Sometimes is does though! Like with Cristina. I just can´t even tell you how I adore her. She and her sister Norma (who is STILL not baptized and she knows she should...whatever. AGENCY) have adopted us. Norma and I had a way amazing moment and I love her like crazy and will be here for her baptism I know it, even if I have to come back to the end of the world. She said that there were only 2 people in the world that she has met that instantly win her love like a mother-child thing. I am one of the two, she says. It´s a special thing that through Hna Shelley and I saying Hi to her in grocery store, we are now like FAMILY. Cristina, as I was saying, is doing amazingly well. She has fallen in love with the Relief Society/Priesthood manual for this year about President George Albert Smith like I have. She is desirous to go with us to appointments and have a visiting teaching assignment. She just wants to serve and help more people be as happy as she is. She is teaching her nephews and it´s just been a wonderful blessing to see them grow in their testimonies! She gave the prayer in Relief Society and it was like a parent watching their child and I was busting with joy and pride! I did nothing, of course, but I was so proud to have been a part of her amazing decision.
Tuesday and Wednesday were warm here..meaning....only ONE jacket, one skirt and one pair of tights. Then it got cold REAL cold again and back to the layering of the clothes. Good stuff.
DAD! and Danny! and any other RM that love me: I have a huge favor to ask!! Will you commit to writing me a story about your MISSION that you were reminded of or that you think I would like to hear? I don´t know many from Dad´s mission and FEWER from Danny´s so...yeah! That way Danny won´t have an excuse of something like, nothing cool in my life is going on and that´s why I don´t write you...junk. haha LOVE YOU AND THANKS!!
It´s only a few stories until I’ll HEAR them but ONE a week would be great. Thanks! I meant to ask for this FOREVER ago but have continually forgotten to ask....
Ok, Estefani from Colombia moved her three days ago. She has been meeting with Elders in Colombia for a WHILE now and is just SO CLOSE to the waters of baptism that it´s killing me. We are going to go get her right now and play soccer with the elders. Soo....see ya! haha love you bye!
I know this IS the true Church of Jesus Christ. There is no other. i love my Savior and am eternally grateful that i have this amazing opportunity to serve Him and my fellow brothers and sisters. i am grateful for the change in my life. I truly have changed and I hope to continue growing as my life goes on. Missions don´t end at airports. They just won´t let me wear my nametag anymore is all. :)
Love you all,
Have a great week!
Hermana González

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