May 6, 2012

wow....soo​o much to do

From April 30, 2012

I got the plans and stuff for things I need to do before heading to the airport...bah! Including my final interview with President. So weird. I can´t tell if it really has NOT set in or I’m just really prepared. Or in denial....haha either way, I am feeling GREAT about these days. The BEST days of the mission!!! WOOT!
Hey, a note for the blog for Pintos and others who read and love me:
There will be NO missionary fireside in San Fernando due to it being Mother´s Day Sunday and missionaries will be calling home. BUMMER! But I love you and though I don´t know WHERE I’ll be that last weekend, we will be in touch soon enough.

Hey, I have this intense desire to do a MILLION things. I´m writing them down. Like, putting tile down in the kitchen, other home improvement things like....painting my room....haha like we said we were going to years ago? or more? haha good stuff.
All those things can wait but guess what? I am DYING to do family history work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited! I have been teaching people about it non-stop these past couple of weeks and the spirit of Elijah is in my heart! I can´t wait to even learn how to do it! I know that I can repent for never having touched it before. I also am near tears every time I think about going to the Temple. Hna Kapp said this morning, as we were getting ready for the day, “I’m SO jealous you get to go to the temple in a couple weeks!” um, yeah!
Yesterday, I did cry a little in RS when they announced the long-awaited temple dedication in BS AS.....SEPTEMBER 9TH!!!
Ok, ZERO time left but we went to the GLACIER last week. It was AMAZING! Loved it! Pics next week...maybe a couple weeks ;)
Today we played soccer a bit and are going to get our hair done. I love getting haircuts....mmm...chop it? haha NO!
Ok, quick miracles:
Rodrigo, we met him trying to contact our investigator and make sure he was going to church. He´s from Chile and we invited him to church, got his address and listo. Then Sunday morning, we knocked on his door, talked to his dad who went to go wake him. We went by 5 minutes later and he walked out, dressed and ready to go! WOOT! He accepted a baptismal date and it was WONDERFUL! He´s so GOLDEN!
Also, Virginia´s papers (well, her boyfriend´s really) got here!!! That means she now has all the papers necessary to go and get a turno for MARRIAGE! Same day of the marriage...BAPTISM! WooTT!
AND Stefhani (yeah, craziest spelling ever) is getting baptized too!!! She´s so excited! We just had to work on one more thing this week and listo! She´s getting in the water ASAP!!
This is the best life ever. The Work of the Lord is the reason for EVERYTHING. If it weren´t for the Gospel message, where would we be?
Love you all,
Hermana Gonzalez

It´s feriado here in Ushuaia today AND tomorrow so...nothing to do but TEACH, TEACH, TEACH and TALK, TALK, TALK, INVITE, INVITE , INVITE
I love, love, love (threes) and our Savior. I know He lives and THIS is His church.
Love you!

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