September 5, 2011

Tigre and Hna Whitehead

From August 22, 2011

So I love this area with all my heart. I miss the beloved people in the South but I must say that there is something really exciting and great about this change of area. There is so much work to be done and I don´t feel like I’m plateauing like I did at the end of my 6th month in Rio Gallegos. This is a really touristy area and the train station is literally right next to our house. Which is cool because we have quick transportation like, 30 seconds away but we also hear the trains all hours of the night. No biggie though, I sleep like the dead. I don´t wake up until I have to:) haha but Hna Whitehead was telling me last night that it was crazy how fast I fall asleep. My body is just sooo used to laying my head down after praying and giving over to sleep at 10 30.
Anywho, our apartment is also getting a face lift. It had been terribly cared for the past...I don´t know....YEARS and when I got here I was a little grossed out and pretty disappointed. In the south, my comps and I had kept it spotless and well organized and de-cluttered in order to more fully invite the Spirit to dwell with us. Poor Tigre apartment...Hna Whitehead got here and said, ok well, this is the mission. Then I got here and turned it around. We spent an hour and a half getting up to our elbows in suds to get weird, crazy caked on dirt and grime off of everything and now it´s a lovely, nice smelling apartment and proper home to the Spirit and calling we have. We are also going to paint which is super exciting! Because once upon a time, they used duct tape or something all over the walls and pulled the paint off with it. But all is well because we are going to get that taken care of.
It´s incredible how quickly light and peace come into our lives when we are clean. Not just where we live or where we sleep but our daily lives. When we are clean in thought, word and deed, we are happier, we feel ´lighter´ and we have the promise of the Lord that we will have His spirit to be with us.
Oh, I wanted to do like a profile on my comp since I always forget to talk about my dear companions. I have seriously had such great luck companion-wise because I have loved and cherished every one of them. I have like 4 new best friends in the world. It DOES help that we are connected at the hip for months at a time but that much time together, between two girls, COULD be major problems but I have had nothing of the kind. Hna Whitehead is keeping with the tradition. We adapted to each other  a little differently because we were in a trio for a couple weeks but even though we were super sad to see Hna Huish, Annika Huish, go back home, we walked away from the Mission home smiling and plowing forward into the work and I love her for it. She is from Holladay Utah, went to Skyline high school and Utah state for a while. She is one of 10 children so she´s got great stories to tell always. We fit together perfectly. If I’m not on top of things, she is. If she´s not talking because she´s grumpy from being sleepy or hungry, I’m ok. if I’m grumpy from getting rejected or wasting time, she gets us moving. She makes me laugh with her craziness and I´m so glad to get to know her so personally because in big groups she goes silent. At least I get to know how funny and great she is. I laugh constantly with her.
We gotta get going but we have all sort of crazy stuff that has happened to us. 2 weeks ago, I forgot to tell you, that we were walking to church the day of our 5 baptisms and we walked into a fight between a drunk guy and girl and a couple other guys that were trying to take the gun out of the drunk guy´s hand! whooops. I kept a cool head though my comps were super freaked out. We got behind a thick cement wall until we heard them go away and we went and got in the car and went to church.
Then this week we were walking in Rincon and there was a huge group of kids around two men throwing and punching each other. We stopped, backed away slowly and walked a reallllly long way around.
These are the craziest things that have happened to me on the mish but they are weird because they don´t faze me. I never feel scared or in danger and I know it´s because you all and many, many others pray for our safety. I know that this church is true and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored by a modern prophet. If I didn´t know it, I would be home, chillin’ on the couch, bundled in a blanket or something but I am trying to give back a little for all of the blessings in my life. I would be selfish not to share it. I encourage every youth in our branch to serve. It is such a great opportunity and blessing for me, for my family and all the people I get to meet and talk to about this glorious plan our Heavenly Father has for us. Love you all!!!
Be good and safe!!!! Pictures of your old, sunburned faces please?
Love, love, love, love, love you all
Hna Gonzalez

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