September 5, 2011


From August 15, 2011

104 what?
 Baptisms, I wish.
 Investigators in church, even better,
 but alas, illness struck again.
 It was mostly my fault. I´ve been really stressing out PLUS pretending I´m superman so I was home yellow, barely able to walk (luckily in a trio there are TWO companions to lean on/carry you home) with a 104 degree fever! Oops, promise, I won´t let it happen again. I will bundle up Rio Gallegos style and make sure that the same thing that happened on Saturday doesn´t happen again.
It was actually a funny story. I guess most things like this are in retrospect. In this hour of need, I asked for a priesthood blessing. I was actually WAY scared because my hands were freezing, I couldn´t feel my legs and the fever was rising. In the moment, I felt like that time I got food poisoning in the south and I just threw up and was fine (though I didn´t eat for about a week) but this time I was NOT fine.
I was super nervous but companions, Hna Whitehead and Hna Huish, went into ´Mom´ mode and were tucking me in, bringing me water, making sure the leaders knew and got on calling a brother to give me a blessing. They called our Branch Presidente Torre and he and his wife and son came over asap to bless me. It is funny because this was the first meeting them ;) haha instead of a happy, ALIVE Hna Gonzalez, he met me on my ´deathbed´ blessing me to recover. He had been out of town with his wife and so what a way to make a first impression! I didn´t really talk to him, I just told him my full name (in slow first name is CRAZY for argentines. They don´t get it...good thing my comps helped.) And then a thank you. I saw him through squinty, tear-filled eyes. So pathetic and sad. haha Hna Torre was all gung-ho doctor mode touched my feverish face and then proceeded to take off the underarmour and sweaters I had not taken off because I was really cold when I got home and didn´t think ´fever´ was the reason. I was not in a state to self-diagnose but I was just cold and didn´t want to be. oops my bad.
But all is well in Tigre. After the blessing, I felt so much better. Not physically so much but mentally, emotionally and spiritually I was whole. I knew that the Lord would take care of me. And He did. Less than two hours later, the fever had broken and I slept all night without waking. Then I went to church and gave a talk in Sacrament meeting. hahaha Presidente Torre had already assigned it during the week but I kinda looked at him crazy when he announced it and I took a deep breath and got up and bore my testimony about the power of the priesthood and the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. What an incredible weekend.
I love my companions. We each bring something a little different to the table. Hna Huish is all about talking to everyone, meeting new people and living a little on the wild side (like walking down weird alley ways to knock on doors I would usually avoid but hey, EVERYONE is a child of God) AND knocking on the super richy rich people´s doors. But now we have two very wealthy investigators. Not sure how long they´ll investigate but we are definitely praying that the Lord fills our mouths with the precise words and softens their hearts.
Hna Whitehead is the schedule Queen. She makes sure everything is done in a timely matter and if we don´t finish, welp, we´ve got to try harder and be faster tomorrow because it´s time for bed.
I´m really going to miss Sister Huish. It´s been a ridiculously fun couple of weeks with these two beautiful daughters of God. We have seen and done a lot together. We were talking this morning about how we can´t believe that our chapter in life together is only 2 weeks long. Feels like MONTHS. We will definitely stay in touch though! She goes home this week, by the way.
But we keep moving forward. Pause....
Shout out to my super old brother who has recently turned even older....
Are you proud of the Superman blue? Yeah, that was on purpose. Man, I am sooo soo so so sorry that I forgot to mention that last p-day. Don´t hate. Please forgive. You have no idea how awful I feel. Ask my comps. SORRY! I love you and I want to hear all about your new 24 year old life, yeah?
Ok, Ruth I´m sending huge fan finders your way. Hna Huish is from arizona so somehow we´ll work up a plan so that everyone in Utah and Arizona, maybe California, too listens to you with love. I am so excited for you and your talents. You will be a great influence in the world, I know it. You are in mine. :) Love you girlie
Brett! Haven´t heard from you in forever! Remember I love you? Good. Never forget.
Sam, you are a crazy monster. I meet 15 year olds and they remind me of you (just because of the age because you, my friend, are a diamond in the rough NAME THE MOVIE!) and I think, wow, I actually have a waaay mature brother. How lucky am I?  Hope you are still doing crazy things and imagining all the world away. Read any of the books I mentioned? I hope you are writing a book list for me (converse with my sister on this because we both know she has great indy taste) for when I get back. BUT we will have PREACH MY GOSPEL study time too so you and Brett better start brushing up. You WILL be prepared PMG missionaries BEFORE the MTC so you can rock it from the first day you hit the mission field. You are a different generation. You HAVE to be better than me and any other missionary that has been. (paraphrased quote from Elder Holland so you get the picture)
This week have more baptisms to get ready for so there is never time to stop. It´s a wonderful thing to have p-day but we are just as busy on p-day than any other day....oh well. There is no rest for the wicked so the good can´t take a vacation either :) hmm that sounded way better in my head. I´m tired. Story of my life. But like another great Elder Holland quote “give it all you´ve got. Don´t leave anything in the tank.” he was talking about finishing a race where a runner should be winded, exhausted and spent. A missionary shouldn´t leave anything on the table. There should be an ambulance waiting for her at the airport. haha I´ll call the from the plane. At the rate I´m going I just need to learn how to better rely on the Lord AND take care of myself so we don´t lose more time or days on illness that was silly and brought about by not caring for my body.
Well, folks. Love you all. I know that this work is the blood life of the Gospel. I am sharing not just my testimony of it but of all of you. I am a set apart, called representative of Christ and I strive daily to live up to the call. Many are called but few are chosen, but why are there few chosen? Look it up. Doctrine and Covenants is the BOMB we´ll talk about it next week.
Love, love, love, love you all.
Until we meet again,
Hna Gonzalez

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