September 5, 2011

hey hey´​ll never believe...​..

Earlier TODAY!!! I made it!

So once upon a time there was a sister missionary who LOVED her family and was super duper grateful for everything that they had done for her, prayers said, emails written, etc.
I have big news and I think I will ask you to pray extra hard for me because
 I have been called to TRAIN! 
AND, like the wonderful sense of humor that the Lord has as far as challenges He throws my way....I am OPENING an area with my new companion! Wow, right? Sound familiar? Like....10 months ago with Steffannie Peña? Yeah...I´m leaving Tigre which makes me super sad because I was already loving all the people, members everyone but I know that the Lord has prepared my new companion and me and the future investigators we will teach together for this specific place and time. I just can´t even tell you how nervous and excited and sick I feel!
I will meet my new companion tomorrow when she arrives. Whether she is from the US or Latina, I don´t know but next week I will tell you everything! We are definitely going to work hard and I am so excited. Pray for me and this new missionary for our safety and success in a new area.
As of right now, I´m spending today and part of tomorrow still with Hna Whitehead and her new comp Hna Vargas from Guatemala (like my dear EMMA!!!) Hna Whitehead is going to be senior companion and I am SOOO excited for her!
Real fast, how cool that Brady came to dinner! Thanks for inviting him and feeding him....haha He
can´t resist a delicious meal! haha. I´m so glad that everyone won out of that night..last night? I LOVE zucchini bread! I can´t believe it. There are sooo many random things that I miss and I forget all about. But tell Brady thanks, he hilarious and has ALWAYS made me laugh but tell him that I will make him and you all argentine empanadas when I get home. Doesn´t the thought just make your mouth water???? Mine is....... I´m HUNGRY!!
I GOT the package with the hot sauce I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made it safely with the bobby pins, a book of Mormon and post-its. Anything else that was supposed to be in there? No tights yet....was that ever sent? I found some here anyway so it´s cool.

I saw Hna Campos last night at her despedida and I hugged and cried and laughed with her. I can´t believe I had only been separated from her 5 weeks and I missed her like I do my blood sister! Love you poohhead even though you didn´t write me this week..... mwah!
Hna Salas was also attacked in a giant hug. SOOO long since I’d seen her. Gosh, I missed being near the other missionaries.
A good friend Elder Griffeth also finished the mission, super weird because I met him when I first got here. We bonded at despedidas and zone and leadership conferences. haha He´s great. I´m not sure what he´s doing when he gets back but hey, in the rush of everything I didn´t get his email or anything. He has mine but I don´t even know his first name! If someone by the last name Griffeth adds Steffannie on fb, tell him he needs to write me with his info too!!! I was completely overwhelmed by all the transfer craziness that I didn´t get to ask him..anywho.
Elder Neilsen is back! Don´t remember if I told you, think I did, but he had to be flown to the US for a surgery on his eye because something crazy and metal flew into it. I saw him too and he looks great and is so happy to be back in Argentina. I didn´t get to talk to him much either. He´s like my little brother on the mission.
Ok, I gots to go but I just have to tell you that I am so excited for everything that is coming in the future. It is going to be a great challenge and a GREAT reminder that this is the Lord´s work not mine and I need His help and guiding Hand every step of the way to be able to accomplish what it is He has sent me to do. ESPECIALLY in showing a new missionary how missionary work is done following everything to the letter out of Preach My Gospel. This is no funny business, it´s not vacation.  We can rest later. There are souls at stake and their salvation is on our heads. I LOVE my Savior. I know He lives. He died for me to save me from my sins and I strive daily to be worthy to be with Him and my eternal family in the Celestial Kingdom.
I love this work. I know we are led by men truly called of God.
I love you and will see you all laters!!!
Hna Gonzalez

PS. I had heard NOTHING of earthquakes before last night when President talked about it. Not even the Argentina one. I´m glad Morgan is ok. And what did I hear about a hurricane in DC?? Tell me!!!! I want to know about all these disaster things! Hna Whitehead´s brother is living in Florida right now. Something happen there too? And an earthquake in ROME?? WHAT??!
P.S. and tell Emma I don´t know when she wrote me but I already got her dearelder letter! Super duper fast! hooray! Dearlelder still works great! Tell people to use it. I think the whole stamp and stationary weirds people out or people think a lot of people love me and write me, but it´s all lies!!!! My dear family writes me every week but friends??.....hmmm let´s just say, I think I know who my real friends are..... :) Anywho. Spread the dearelder word! Love you family! I´ll tell you about my new comp next week!

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