September 12, 2011

Hey hey, it´s a girl!!

Ok, That may be the LAST time I make reference to Hermana Shelley as my ´daughter´. I´m not really a fan of the titles like that. But my new companion is WONDERFUL! I am so truly blessed to get to serve with her! She is an amazing example of obedience, we work really well together and it´s really like she came PRE trained and I´m just her first companion in the actual field of labor.
I was SUPER nervous as we were getting ready to go to the mission home to pick her up. Hna Whitehead and her new comp Hna Vargas from Guatemala (such a CUTIE love her) went to drop me off and we kinda said goodbye there.
SO once we walked into the mission home where all of our comps were waiting anxiously for the trainers to walk in, (we always walk in singing Called to serve, it´s a hair raising spiritual moment as we welcome them with full voices and they join in) I looked at the 4 sisters that were sitting, bright eyed on the couch and tried to be nonchalant about staring to see who might be my dear companion. 3 north americans and a latin (argentine) sister. I was so excited!!! Hna Shelley´s name was called with mine and I went and gave her a giant hug. I sat and started talking to her in Spanish (which she speaks amazingly well!) and we got to know each other a little. It was super funny because she was just laughing and told me she had a confession to make. (Because of the coming confession I KNEW we would get along amazingly well and I would just love her) She said: I know that I´m a really awkward person and kind of a stalker because I knew who you were when you walked in. When I got my call I googled everything I could on the mission and your BLOG was one of the first pages to come up. I read it and all through the MTC I would tell my companions, “wouldn´t it be so funny if I met Hna Gonzalez or if she was my trainer?´ hahaha So great!!! haha looking through the pictures on my camera and ones I’ve printed she was like, yeah, I’ve seen that, oh her? Yeah you wrote about her I think...haha LOVE IT! Stalkers know what´s going on in life. The end.
 Soooo....maybe somewhere out there, another future BS AS North missionary is reading my blog. COOL!
So Hna Shelley is 21, from Mesa, Arizona (so she´s freezing in the Argentine spring while I´m dying of heat) and is so great. She gets my humor and follows my sarcasm. Sooooooooooo amazing. I really don´t feel like I´m qualified to be her trainer and example but I know the Lord doesn´t call the prepared but prepares the called. Thank you all for all the prayers in our behalf, we´ve certainly felt them.
We were called to open or whitewash the area of Congreso. It´s like, pure city. I put a few things that you can google images from and you´ll know where I am. It´s where all the government buildings are. Hna Shelley was saying that it looks like walking around D.C. with a little New York City thrown in the background. The Congreso Nacional building is immense and beautiful. I LOVE the old architecture and the feel of this area. It´s like what I imagined BS AS would be before I got here.
I will definitely miss the great people I got to know and love in Tigre but being here at this time in this place is what God prepared for me so I will go and do as He has commanded.
The ward here is small but strong. The Bishop is amazing and he and his wife are sooooooooooo great. Their kids spout the book of Mormon. More about them another day. Like the time the 6 year old Fabricio was quoting 1 nefi 4 to me while walking down the street and how Nefi´s courage to kill Laban was something he hopes he won´t have to face. WOW!
The relief society president is Brazilian and is so funny. It is really hard for ME to understand her but nearly impossible for Hna Shelley!!! Such a crazy visit to her house when we met her hahaha I told her about Danny´s mission and she just went off about how lucky he is.....haha
We haven´t gotten lost yet which is truly a tender mercy. I didn´t realize I had been in the country long enough to get around when I have NO idea where I am but apparently I have been! I know exactly how all the stuff works and if not, I know how to ask so as to not sound like someone the person can take advantage of. Good stuff. The Lord is really blessing me and I hope that it continues. We are trying to find new investigators, families and men to teach. WHERE ARE THEY? Wherever they are hiding we will find them. :)
Oh, there is a brother in our ward who writes articles and takes pictures and makes videos for the Liahona and church website.....basically, he is just waiting to make us famous. He´s shooting a video in a month that he wants us to ´star´ in so I’ll let you know when it´s done and you can look it up on YouTube. haha When he started talking about the appeal of sister missionaries and all the stuff he wants to do now that we´re here I couldn´t help thinking....why me? Hna Peña would have DIED for this stuff. All I’m thinking is....can´t. Takes time from teaching and finding. haha Wow, the Lord blesses us so much. I love being a missionary.
The whole ward was super excited to receive sisters, especially the hermanas because a lot of them are returned missionaries! Hooray!
Ok, gots to go. More next week, love you all. Be good, take care and thanks for finding me that talk! PERFECT!  Ps Brett Sam and Ruth and Kam should all read it. CHANGES YOUR LIFE!
BE the fourth missionary. Be SMART.
Love you all, have a wonderful week,
Love forever,
Hermana Gonzalez

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