September 5, 2011

my hands hurt

From August 29, 2011

I have been writing like a mad woman trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. Seriously I think I have to learn how to type better or I’ll get carpel tunnel....blah
Anywho, Ruthie! I love you and I am so proud of you! I am so excited that you are going to be working on branching out and especially your talent with the guitar. Seriously, Brady has studied a lot about the song writing he may be able to help and you have so many great things in your head that are waiting to get out and be heard in a beautiful melody with an angelic voice. Go get ´em chica!
This week we FINALLY got two girls confirmed after their was a lot tougher than I thought it could ever be. Hna Whitehead and I talk a lot about the things we´ve learned from the mission. One of them I´m fighting with. Two things I loved before the mission were dogs and children. Remember Mom, how I was planning my life around having a dog? Well, the mission taught me that love can change....I do NOT like dogs and will never have one. The one I´m fighting with is children. So far, I have been cured of being baby hungry. Before the mish I could hardly wait until I would be a I have to pray that the Lord will give me patience and the love back....later. I still plan on being a mom, Mom, but NOT SOON.
I forgot to tell you more about Hna Whitehead, so many things happen to us and we bust up laughing and then we forget to tell our families about it. We have crazy stories from everything but mostly I wanted you to know that she describes EVERYONE as crazy. CRAZY. I´ll say, oh who´s this person? oh her?...She´s CRAZY. haha she´s such a nut. I love her.
We are finding and trying to find a lot of new people to share the gospel with. The investigators we´ve had are NOT progressing which is the saddest thing because we teach them, learn to love them and then get tempted to keep hanging around to see if they´ll change or really progress. Dropping investigators is super hard and heart breaking.
I love the mission! I love the Gospel and know that the Lord has a wonderful, perfect plan for us, the children He loves.
Les quiero un montón!
P.s. look for Annika Huish on facebook she was my comp for a couple weeks and I love her. She´s great!
Love you all
Soooo much
Until next week
Hna Gonzalez

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