July 10, 2011

woot woo! My dad has a face! haha

June 27, 2011

Oh right and stilllllllll in Gallegos.......ha.
They might have given up on the flight thing but by land to get to Ushuaia I’d need my documents to cross the Chilean border and then Argentina again....um...basically I’ve been working on getting my DNI to be legal here a little bit at a time over the last 5 months....NOT easy. It takes forever! They drag out the process and milk every penny out of you they can. Long story short, by land, three sisters are looking at facing possible document issues, Hnas Gonzalez and Campos because somehow we have to all get together, whether here in Gallegos or Ushuaia.
Two by land, one by sea....who said it? US History trivia for the week :)
Thanks Dad and Daniel-san for sending my pictures of my ridiculously good-looking dad! haha Hope you had a wonderful father´s day!
Dah! Tell Brig that I wish him and Jess all the best in their marriage! Lots of extra hugs for them from me, yeah?
Daniel-san, tell Emma I love her sooooo much and thanks for the email. I´m working on a letter for her, though it´s more like a diary because I write a bit each week and never quite finish. haha
Brett! So cool about your blessing! Thanks for sharing those wonderful blessings that are promised you as you remain faithful and obedient to the commandments of the Lord. Black sheep is right, you just had to go and be spiritually adopted by a different tribe, didn´t you? haha silly billy.
I assume that Poohhead is working on writing a spiritually profound email to send me for next week with her patriarchal blessing experience ;) Love you pooh haha
Danny, about the girls in your life....some wisdom I learned in seminary....if you WANT the diamond, BE the diamond. Ponder that a bit, swish it around. Get back to you in a week, k :)
That really goes for everyone. I was sharing a scripture with a wonderful member yesterday about receiving the image of Christ in our countenance. (Hna Ester Ojeda who is like our ´`Mom´´ in Gallegos because she´s always with us, calling us, feeding us etc. She´s a convert of  about 2 years and just fantastic) But I shared how I had studied that all the doctrine, all the commandments are to form our carnal minds and the flesh of the natural man (and woman) to be more Christ like. Everything from paying tithing to studying scriptures is so that we can develop Christ like attributes. What manner of men ought we to be? Christ said, Even as I am.
There you go. (My Big Fat Greek wedding style :) )
Gallegos is crazy. Last month was wicked cold and now that winter has OFFICIALLY started...it decided to let up on the ice and wind. ha. Very funny.
Hna Campos and I are trying to repent, change and be continually evaluating what we are doing, how we can improve and how we´re going to do it. I have been extremely blessed these two extra weeks with her because I love her dearly, trust her completely and we work like clockwork in lessons. It´s amazing to teach with her because we let the Spirit guide. When all of the sudden i run out of ´inspiration´, she takes the baton and talks and teaches. Then a question comes to mind (planted by the spirit), she pauses and I, like we planned it (but we really didn´t) ask the question. When we´re both ´on´, it´s like the light switch turns on in the investigator´s head and the spirit takes over. What a wonderful thing to learn from the hilarious and sweet Hna Campos.
It´s truly a wonderful life. Now that I bundle up a ridiculous amount, I am always singing Christmas carols! :) haha Hna Campos about died when I started singing Carol of the Bells. She thinks Hark is a funny word. It´s true Hark....Hark....hark....like a dog. Or a seal...haha
Oh along with the bundling, the members who are always extremely frank and upfront with us marvel after we de-bundle before church or a meal and say, ´oh sisters, you´re not really fat, it´s the clothes!´ ....um, thanks? hahaha
Ruth or whoever is interested, Brady Bills finishes his mission in like 7 weeks or so. Just in case you wanted to go to his homecoming or what not. You have been advised :) He sent me pics a while ago and he LOST weight (where there wasn´t really any to lose) so he´s a lot skinny. FYI. If you see him, tell him hi for me!
Speaking of Brady, is Herschel Ott married yet??? :) Curious is all, remember how he came to our house with his girlfriend? Anywho, that´s all I got. If you have questions I’ll answer next week :)
Well, my dear family and friends. I know that the church is true. I know that Christ´s love is real and we are sons and daughters beloved by a living God who is our Father in Heaven.
I love this work, pray that we can find people to teach and especially families and men. Argentina needs priesthood and families. The Lord cares for each of His children and WE are His hands to lift up and His arms to reach and hug and His shoulder of support.
Keep doing the little things that will help us be prepared to share our testimony when the moment arises.
Dad, I thought a lot about your missionary experience in Denver. I am so glad that you weren´t afraid to share and looked actively for the opportunity. In my case, any time I enter a house, supermarket or anything, two things set the topic: my dress and my nametag. Religious topics are inevitable. It´s what I´m here to talk about. What i thought about this is that the armour of God is available for everyone to put on, not just missionaries. We HAVE to, yes, in order to be efficient, protected and true warriors of Christ, but it´s an invitation of every day preparing, every day studying and then ACTING on our knowledge. People SEE testimonies as well as hear. As far as I can see, Dad, your testimony, Mom´s, everyone who has taught Danny and myself and Ruth and Brett and Sam, has reached ears and hearts in at least 3 countries, the US, Brasil and Argentina.
Thank you for EVERYTHING.
I love you all.
Until next week,
HNA Gonzalez

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