July 10, 2011


June 13, 2011 This was supposed to go first, sorry!!

And........drumroll please!

I write to you from.......RIO GALLEGOS! hahaha well, quick story because i´ll send this so dad can respond :) (it makes me happy when i´m sitting here and receive a slightly delayed hello from daddy-o)
I´m only in gallegos a very limited time thanks to a dear old volcano that erupted in Chile (last week?) There are no flights for anyone. They even called us from BS AS to ask if we had asthma. Missionaries with asthma were ´grounded´ to their apartments in BS AS and we were told if we had any kind of respiratory stuff, we could only go out with masks.....but we are perfectly healthy so all was well! We haven´t gotten any ash or anything all the way down here. We´re all good.
BUT this means that not only the poor missionaries who go home this transfer, CAN´T, the transfers from the capital to down here can´t happen. The new missionaries won´t arrive until the airports are cleared. And that will be WHO KNOWS WHEN because the volcano is also threatening to erupt AGAIN.
SO i DO have a new assignment but I won´t leave Hna Campos and Gallegos until the new missionaries arrive. Hna Campos will be training and I was given assignment in USHUAIA!!!!! As senior companion.......
my new companion is.....


no joke. She´s the chilean I told you about. haha I knew deep down that someday we would be companions. haha She has 6 weeks less than me and is a wonderful, wonderful missionary. A convert of a little over a year :) Third Chilena in a row....it´s like a plauge..haha kidding. They have a whole language of their own and it´s sticking to me is all haha
more in a bit.
love love

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