July 10, 2011

Hi hi hi....stil​l in Gallegos..​...jajaja

June 20, 2011

Welp, still here and still kicking around my favorite places and people. I was going around town like crazy saying my goodbyes but come Sunday....hahaha ha still here. All the members were like...So where´s the new one? haha oops. Well, I really don´t know how much longer I´ll really be here. Supposedly tomorrow the flights are supposed to normalize but they also said that about last Wednesday and then there are rumors about not having flights across Argentina until next month....i dunno. I don´t even know if my poor comp in Ushuaia is alone or not! Her previous comp took a collectivo to BS AS because she finished her mission. No one has told me if Hna Gonzalez went with her or is still hanging around Ushuaia with members because the closest sister missionaries to her way down there would be US. Last time something like this happened, the sister in Ushuaia made a trio with the sister here in Gallegos. BUT the buses are also crazzzzy full because of no flights and if people HAVE to travel, they go by any means necessary...so yeah.
But hey....
I know it was yesterday but hey, either a week early or a day late...don´t know which is better so I went with a day late. I wish I could run home and give you a giant bear hug and then run back here but let´s go with an I.O.U. for time and travel and Lord´s work´s sake, yeah? haha I love you bunches and bunches and will never tire of telling you that you are a wonderful dad, an example to all around you and most important of all, a worthy and dedicated priesthood holder. Being the most important because without the priesthood, we as a family would miss out on SOOO many blessings. But because of your faith, your diligence and charity, we as the rising generation have the blessing of the gospel in our lives and the teachings....inculcados....in our heart and soul. You have taught your children to serve and to do it happily and willingly, to pray, to study the scriptures, to attend church and fulfill callings. You and Mom have raised 5 of the Church´s future leaders. I see so much good and so much potencial and feel so blessed when I think of my siblings. Danny, who is an honorable returned missionary AND active in the church, Ruth who is a dedicated nursery teacher (still, right?) and full of love and patience....when she wants to ;) (love you poohhead) and Brett and Sam. What can I say about these exceptional young men? I wish they knew how special they are, how truly different their lives could be if we had been born ANYWHERE else, lived anywhere else, believed anything else but we, as a family, work toward the goal of eternal life together because we each KNOW that God is our Heavenly Father who loves us so much that He sent His Son to redeem us from our sins. I know that Jesus is the Christ, that He lives and we have hope through His atonement if we only ´come unto Him and be healed.´
Daddy-o, you rock. :)
Ok, so this week, during personal study, I was organizing my mission binder and out fell INSPIRATION. It was a portion, handwritten, of a talk by Elder Gene R Cook. It is titled ´Desafío de Purificación´. The Challenge of purification. HELLO! Reading it, I knew it was a call to repentance. I tell you now, I am working every day, I get up on time and I love to teach and find new people with whom to share the gospel. BUT there is always MORE we can do. Reading and studying the talk, I wished that I would have found it 8 months ago...(to this moment I have NO idea where the talk came from, how it came to fall out of my binder, not given by the mission and not handwritten by me....dunno) The talk was written by an elder who was doing well on his mission but realized one day, (during a lesson in which a member bore testimony of Joseph Smith that he and his comp had already done, but the spirit and the testimony of the MEMBER moved the investigator to tears), that the spirit was ´weak´ in his daily work. In order to be a better missionary, the missionary the Lord needs to bring the world His truth, was to be more FOCUSED.
In our call letter, it says that we are expected to put our personal matters on the back burners, not worry what was going on at home and the Lord will provide. BUT that requires that we aren´t distracted by ANYTHING. Worldly songs, young men that walk by, friends back home etc. Do you know how HARD that is???? Wicked hard. BUT like in Helaman 3:35 says that through prayer and fasting, we can come to purify our hearts, be sanctified. In Doctrine and Covenants we learn that ummm...well, I have it memorized in Spanish but we have the faith, charity and our eye single to the glory of God qualify us for the work. I love my Savior and have faith that He will send His Spirit to help us in this re-dedication to the work.
Love you all,
Until next week!!!
Hermana Gonzalez

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