July 10, 2011

We hit below ZERO!!! and the water was WARM! :)

June 06, 2011

Basically it´s freezing ALLL the time. haha it´s so hilarious to get dressed in the morning and have to stop layering the clothes because if there´s more piled on, we have limited mobility. haha I tried to re-do my ponytail one day and found that I couldn´t lift my arms high enough to accomplish the task. I had to wait until we got to a member´s house to take off my coatS (note the plural) to get my hair looking a little more presentable. Oh the life of a missionary. Hi. Santa Cruz is cah-razy. The schools have been on strike for the last 35 days (school days) which equals about 2 months of classes.
Think Newsies but teacher style. They strike for pay raises, better retirement benefits, etc. Those who don´t support the cause are like the ´scabs´ in the movie. They get threatened and it´s kinda scary. The poor students of the public (state) school system don´t get to have classes. They recently had a day of classes because if the teachers strike for more than 40 days at a time, there is a law that ALL the students would pass the grade, no matter how much they had or hadn´t learned. Which is BAD. They move on or even graduate without even having been in school! yikes.
Today we are going to the centro to buy things we can´t find in our area. I seriously feel like we are in another world after the busy city of BS AS. It´s crazy to think I am still in that same country. I am getting waaay used to being down here and I really love Gallegos. It has been full of wonderful experiences and people that I will have in my heart forever.
FEDERICO GOT BAPTIZED!!!! And he has received the Aaronic Priesthood!!! VICTORY!
Hopefully the picture works to get to you because the women with him are his wife and two daughters. His goal is to prepare his family and baptize them!!! What an amazing man with such a big heart and big
faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. haha I specified that the water was warm because Marcela and Luis were baptized in really, terrifically cold water. Federico was there to witness it and their spluttering after coming out of the water and said, ´I´m not getting in if there´s not steam rising from the font´ hahaha joking of course. We were joking about it all week. That we had our freezer full of ice cubes to stick in so he could enjoy the rush of ice water over his head. haha.
This month is a big month for the mission (well, every day is pretty important since our primary focus for 18 months/2 years is the salvation of souls) but we are extremely excited for everything that is going on.
I love being here. Transfers are this weekend and I am so nervous about being moved out of Rio Gallegos. I love it here, there are so many people I love here and SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!!!! I´ve only been here 4 1/2 months so MAYBE I´ll stick it out another transfer? Pray for me! hahaha Whatever the Lord has in mind, I´ll go and do what He has commanded for I know He will provide a way for me to accomplish my role as a spiritual soldier in His army.
I don´t know what else there is to say but I love you guys sooooo much and am so grateful for you. I testify daily of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can testify with the Spirit of truth that by following His example and obeying the commandents my blessed and wonderful family can be together FOREVER by the sealing power of the priesthood of God and sacred covenants that my marvelous, wonderful, faithful parents made almost 25 years ago. What peace and comfort to know of these truths.
I´ll respond to your emails from today next week....once upon a time I have 3 siblings who love me and 2 parents who write faithfully......
....wasn´t there another family member in there somewhere?...wait, I have AN OLDER BROTHER who knows what it´s like to be on a mission and receive news from home? Oh, and has all the technology plugged into him intravenously to be able to write his ´beloved´ sister?.....hmmmm....... Guilt trip working out for you? DANNY NEEDS TO BE MOTIVATED TO WRITE. Suggestion: Write me, or you should ground yourself from your Ipad. yeah? yeah, ok. Rude.
I love you all. I know this church is true. I know that through Christ´s atonement we can achieve eternal joy and a place in the mansion of our Father.
Be good. Study the Conference talks! Write me about how you feel 2 months later.
Love love love you
Hermana Gonzalez

PS mom, did you send me any packages recently....or not so recently? I am in need of bobby pins, hair ties (the ones without the metal thingy on them) and Mapleine or maple extract!! Can this happen? And if at all possible......peanut butter M&M´s?? Though i rationed them well, i´m all out! They are like heaven.....Pictures (10 x 13 like picture frame style) of the temple!!! Manti, Salt lake, BS AS if possible would be PERFECT. please please please. Temple temple temple. We baptize toward the temple. Like we learned in Gen Conf we should all have an image of the temple in our homes! in every room! Book of Mormon reading charts (book mark style please!) Anything that would help someone be motivated by keeping track of their reading.


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