July 18, 2011

la la la bautismo!

July 18, 2011

Fotos!! hopefully we get them to work, yes?
 Have I told you guys that I love being a missionary???
:)   Last Monday, hours after I wrote you all, dear Danko (younger brother of the family I always talk about...Astrid, Moira, Fernanda...) decided that he has been patient and behaved well long enough so that his mother would allow him to be baptized. Guess what? DANKO IS NOW THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE BELGRANO BRANCH!!!!!!! His wonderful little self is so excited to prepare for bigger things too. He asked how long until he and his family can go to the temple and he´s counting down until his mission! Elder Winter! What an amazing 10 year old.
We´ve had beautiful experiences this week as well as freezing ones! I´m
Layering it up but some days I just get lazy and that equals freezing feet, face, and hands….oops. But hey, when we walk missionary style (fast as we can without tripping over my feet because hey, it´s me we´re talking about not some magically-transformed-sister-missionary me that all of the sudden has grace and balance)
Mom, did you know I have an under armor top? I just really have no idea if it´s for cold or hot or whatnot but when I use it (when it´s clean) I don´t need to layer so much on top. What gets cold here, because of the WIND, are my face and hands. And depending on the day, my feetsies. Did I tell you I broke some shoes?!?! As excited as I was to say I’ve worn them out, I was really sad because they are the black Dansko ones that are WAAAY comfy and perfect but the strap on top broke ….looking for a time to fix them I love them because the sole is thick and tough and feels like a tennis shoe inside. I would highly recommend those to any sister missionary who needs to walk in non-city sidewalk areas. So they aren´t so cute but they weren´t ridiculously expensive, they haven´t WORN out (the strap took the beating) and I used them almost every day here in Gallegos to help climb through all the mud and walk over all the rocks. Sending a Picture…

About the heat under armor….I would say send it NOW or ASAP because, not gonna lie, NOT sure that I´ll get the tights before it starts warming up but here´s hoping!!!!
I thank you, thank you, thank you for all the things you are trying to send me and here are a couple things more IF you get the chance.
Pictures of temple, any, manti, SLC, etc to give to recent converts, less active, etc.
Book of Mormon reading book marks.
DVD´s? of things like the Mailbox, Johnny Lingo and the 8 cows. You know? All those great antique seminary videos? People pay attention to those and we are able to teach by video and stay ON TOPIC instead of talking about random things that sometimes come up in lessons….
Haha funny things people always ask me….
You´re not from here, are you?....ok so not SO funny but it makes me chuckle.
Do you speak Spanish? (while we´re speaking to them about the gospel…dang, is my accent that bad??.)
How many children did you leave at home?....uhh
You can´t be more than 17, do your parents know where you are? (ok that was once but I must look like a child some days because no one listens to me or looks at me like I’m a nut)

I can´t think of any more right now.

I´m NOT moving areas. Not sure if i had communicated that last week. Hnas Gonzalez are to stay where they are J Hna Gonzalez in Ushuaia has a mini missionary and I´m still here with Hna Campos until this weekend when we find out who stays or who goes. Just by the way, this coming transfer is her LAST which means if i STAY, I stay to ´kill´ her and teach the area another transfer after that…which means 3 more months….so in all probability, I’m leaving dear Gallegos in a week because I’ve already been here 6 months….. L but I would LOVE to stay!!!!!!!!!! Happy happy happy me!
The pictures are taking FOREVER so i´m getting tired of it and sending this now.

Wait, Sam, you are silly. You should just use sunblock and go outside. Think of it this way…when you serve a misión in….Colombia,…(revelation) you will be DYING of heat and have nowhere to hide….so practice. Do some things you don´t like until you can handle it. Maybe not LOVE it, but it won´t kill ya, son.
Dad, yay for yard work!!! It must look great. I always wished I had time to do more in the back yard but alone, it was an overwhelming job. Sometimes i describe Orem as being smaller than Gallegos because I honestly feel that way. Maybe not geographically but definitely people wise…right? The blocks here are like home but instead of big yards, the houses are right up front and there are one, two or three smaller houses ´al fondo´. It´s crazy.
Say hi to Johnny O if you see him again. That´s awesome that he´s home and speaks so well! Hopefull we´ll be able to say the same about me….
Mom, i was thinking a lot about Visiting teaching and I´m so glad for great examples of taking VT seriously. It´s an important calling that gets little attention here.
President asked us in zone conf who we want to BE when we go home. We have long lists of what to DO but WHO we will BE is what we have to make goals and plans for NOW.
Who do YOU all want to be when I get home?
Question to ponder…
Haven´t heard from poohhead in a while. How goes everything? Kam´s papers??

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you all sooo much. Be good.
God be with you ‘til we meet,
Hna Gonzalez                                                  

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