March 31, 2011

Hi hi hi! Baptism, cilantro and conference weekend! So EXCITED!

From March 28, 2011

Hey hey!
So this week has BLOWN by, ending with....da da da dum!!! BAPTISM!
Moira Vanessa Noor Winter Rodriguez was baptized. We are baptizing the Winter Family one by one as the Lord works on softening their mother´s heart. Fernanda (the mom) is a wonderful, wonderful, hard-working HILARIOUS woman that just doesn´t want to change. We love that family like they were our own blood. Fernanda, Astrid and now Moira are firm examples that we hope will help their mom see that the gospel is worth living and changing so that they can be an eternal family.
Hi, I am Hermana Gonzalez. What is your name?
I´m going to be teaching ENGLISH CLASSES! I´m basically wicked nervous and am beside myself with where to start but I know that this is something that will help the youth in the area have something to do at least one night a week and we will be inviting them to church, to the branch activites and more. Hna Salas and I felt that this will be a great tool to help friendship the two branches that attend meetings in the same chapel, too. The members in Rio Gallegos don´t know each other. They pass each other in the street without ...saludarse.. translation please? So we are going to have more activites and provide some unity-buliding spirit to flow.
With the transfers last week my district went from being majority Yankees to majority latinos!!! Yay for Hna Salas because last transfer all the Elders would relax and speak english and she wasn´t understanding anything and they would speak too quickly for me to translate. There are 3 chilenos, a colombian, an argentine and 5 yankees though 2 don´t count because they are 3 hours away in Calafate, we never see them but they participate in district meetings via cell phone :)
Pray for me about the english classes and that we can help a lot of youth and find new investigators!
HALLELUJAH!!!! I FOUND CILANTRO. Well, my comp did and you better believe that I made salsa! It was so happy. It was basically the only thing I COULD make because they don´t have jalapeños, tomatillo, nothin´. It´s a rough life being so far from such deliciousness....´
Ön the other hand....I have empanadas.......sooo good.
It is getting really cold and really DARK. When I got here 2 months ago (wow I´ve been here 2 months already???) it was still light at 9 so it was weird to go home and hard to tell what time we had to get heading back. Now it´s dark at 830 ish and the sun doesn´t come out until 8 am either. Bah, I don´t even want to know what real winter will be like. Brrrr!
Ï am so happy Ruth has a job!!! Woot woot!
This week has been another for learning, growing and putting the revelation that we recieve in practice. After studying a lot into the weaknesses that our area and we have, the needs of our area have boiled down to remembering to always ask for references, unifying the branch and involving them more in the missionary work so that we can teach MEN. Hna Salas and I know how immensely important it is to be baptizing men so that we can have the priesthood to bless this branch. There is a lot of work to be done and at the end of the day, I wish we had more hours, more hands, faster legs, anything to be able to visit everyone we want to help progress.
Familia Winter has been a wonderful blessing in our lives. We have watched them progress over the last couple months and though we have yet to provide Fernanda with the right commitment to help her on the path to repentance, we have not given up. Her 3 daughters will now be her closest missionaries and wonderful examples for her. Those girls have been blessed and kept from the world by their Heavenly Father and they participate in every aspect of the gospel that they can, Astrid already working hard on her Personal Progress and Moira, age 11 turning 12 in a month, getting ready to do the same. Such a blessing and we love them!
This past Saturday we had a boost of confidence and an answer to our continuous prayers. All that day, out of 4 lessons, we had 3 with men! Priesthood age, all. It was wonderful for us to have the opportunity to share with them the message of the restored gospel. Every time we teach, every time I testify, I feel the spirit in my heart telling me that this is true. I have not one doubt in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true. I have seen the power it has to change hearts and lives. I don´t need faith because I´ve seen it with my own eyes. There is no denying that it is sent from God and that it holds the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful every day I´m here and I get to share this with my brothers and sisters. I love it with all my heart and it brings hope and joy without end.
Hermana Gonzalez

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