March 2, 2011

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Email sent on February 21, 2011

Ok, so this week i´m sitting at a computer that te keyboard doesn´t always want to put the 'h' 'g' or 'd' when i want it to....sooo.....haha i´m not oing to waste precious writing time oing back and putting in the letters ok? you uuys will get the idea.... haha
 AND it´s goin to be a short one cause we have a lot to do today (as usual uncle friday) but this week we are going a bit further away than usual so time is of the essence.
Te last two weeks i have been dreaming of pegiuns and certain elders had promised that we would go and see the legions of penguins that there are to see.....
and yet....if I send an email it´s because we did not take the trip to the coast to see them! :( It´s an all day thing. But at least this way you are preparedd to maybe not hear from me next week. But know that I am well and no sickness to be found! I have great faith that the three blessings i have received since being set apart as a missionary promised as I was obedient and faithful to my calling i would have the health to work are promises inspire of God. yay!
This week was vverrry different from last week. A lot of wind, a little rain and very few new investigators found. That was a little disheartening because we were continuing to work as hard as last week with not as much success and many more closed doors.
But, as always with our loving Heavenly Father, He helps us to grow and learn. We continue and start a new week with our heads held high and high spirits.
One thing i would like to share with you before I make like a baby.....
I used to like them. I think i still might deeep, deep, deep, down but my love for the furry friend is diminishing quickly. Maybe it´s just that a lot of love is getting directed to people and i haven´t prayed to love the dogs...i think i´ll try it because if i have to pick up one more rock to throw at the menacing teeth and growls, I´m going to huck it hard. That´s not very missionary like but after a near-death experience (TOTALLY exaggerating Mom, i promise) with a dog attack, i´m all out of love.
Love you, I love this gospel and everyday tat I am full-body, heart and soul deep in missionary work, I love the Lord and our Savior more and more. I love you family and rejoice knowing that someday, as we work and strive for it, we will be an eternal family.
God be with you!
Hermana Gonzalez

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