March 31, 2011


(From March 10th, sorry for the delay)

Hey Family!!!!!!!
Guess what??!! I made friends with peguins! haha I´ll send pictures monday (i hope)
Some sad news, parents. I still have not received the packages. But that´s basically because argentina is CRAZY and airlines sell and sell and sell tickets for one flight down here and poor President Gulbrandsen gets the shaft. He was supposed to come down here feb 20. Flight got overbooked. He was going to come last week and visit Calafate and us but what happened? Overbooked, couldn´t come here OR calafate. He may or may not be coming this coming week (last of the transfer which makes me reel at how FAST time has passed here in Rio Gallegos!) but a little bird told me that they have sent our pedidos (where we restock on registros, informes, libros de mormón, etc) and they might get here this week! BUT then our district meeting was cancelled.....bah. Oh well, I am learning patience. Just know that if Hna Peña got the package I will too....eventually :)
I have lots of funny stories to tell, some include dogs another involves police and me falling on my face. But they must wait. We have very little time approved to check our email since we didn´t get to write pres and the fam on mon.
Oh, the REAL weather in Rio Gallegos has started. Apparently the last month was all a lie. It was all very unusual, warm, non-windy weather. Today? Well, it was COOLLLLDDD in the morning, the sun came out and warmed in up A LOT BUT the wind!!! Es impresionante!!!! Seriously, without the wind, it would have been hot but the wind is unbelieveably strong!!! I felt like my clothes were going to peace out any second. My skirt was NOT helping me be modest by flying up in my face and i couldn´t see because of the constant dirt cloud I was walking in (like the guy in the Peanut gang. What´s his name?) But I thought I was going to fly away today. Everyone had been telling me, wait for the wind, wait for the wind, It´s not this warm usually...blah blah blah.
They weren´t lying!
Ok, gots to go and conduct a ward/investigator activity!!!! Whoop whoop! We are going to play Pretzel
haha explanations later. LOVE LOVE!
PS also stories of AMAZING MIRACLES where investigators ask us when they can be baptized!! LOVE IT! It´s like alma 22. Yeah!
Hermana Gonzalez

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