March 31, 2011


From March 14th

huh that was supposed to be an exclamation point but whatev (haha found it, crazy key board.....)
ok a couple things, may i please have Morgançs mission address. It happens to be wicked cheap to write him. Letters within argentina are like 20 cents :? happy happy!
I went to see pengiuns. Told you stories about my falls. Here they call it ´comprando terreno´ or buying property. The Relief Society Pres says that if I keep it up, I´ll ´buy´all of Rio Gallegos hahaha ha ha    ha very funny :)
Also, if you could throw in fun colored Stickey Notes in the next package that would be great. I´m almost all out of the ones I brought with me and we leave them on investigators doors with a happy note from us so they know we were there and missed them. The only color they have here is lame baby chicken yellow and white. And uh, Hna Salas has never heard or seen and therefore, never experienced STARBURSTS. If you could send some, that would be great. She LOVES candy, especially chocolate but crazy Chilenos have no appreciation for Reese´s LAME but hey, what are ya gonna do?
I LOVE missionary work but I wish there could be something to do about the WIND. It is not only ridiculously tiring to be doubled over to try and walk head on with it but it is tearing apart my poor little face! I have this big spot of dry, red skin next to my nose that is now always dripping.
OK, now with that lovely report, know that I am in a hurry as always and won´t be able to write more than this today.
I love you, I am well and happy and working diligently to do the Lords will.
Ruth, you are a rockstar
Brett, you are crazy and we will have words.....
Sam,,,,more elaboration on the one story know which. And I love you. Be happy. Donçt STRESS so much. you stress ME out :? haha be good. and happy. VERY happy eh
Love you byeª
Hna Gonzalez

PS There are two (in the words of my zone leader) MONSTER packages waiting for me and letters!!!!!!!!!!!! FIIIIIIIIIINNNNNAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYYYY! Hooray! And president Gulbrandsen is finally coming tomorrow :) I don´t know where my camera is.....with him or with the ZLs......hmmm
Hna Salas is definitely sharing pictures. She has been really kind about letting me take pictures that I´ll later transfer to my camera :)

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