April 10, 2011

Hi hi Conference was FANTASTIC!

From April 4, 2011

                                                            Astrid and Hna. González

Hi!!! So conference was amazing, inspirational, motivating, beautiful, testimony-building and get-your-tush-into-gear powerful words!
I know with all my heart that the men and women that spoke this weekend are called of God and like Elder Holland said, they have worked and prayed and fasted to make sure that their message was that that the Lord wanted them to share with the world. And again, like E. Holland testified, that even though we may not be the sinners that they called to repentance, there is always something that we can learn from the spirit if we LISTEN.
Did anyone else get blown away by Elder Robbins talk? How about crying while Elder Scott spoke so sweetly about his wife? Did anyone else feel selfish and proud and in need of becoming as a little child when Sister (from the Primary, don´t have my notes, can´t remember the name) spoke about those wonderful, ever-faithful children?
SO MUCH THAT I LEARNED and received that special witness to build my own testimony and help me to help the investigators that we have to feel that special call from the Lord to come unto Him and let Him heal them.
Can I ask a favor? Can I ask each of you to pick a talk that you liked most, ponder over it and as you ponder, write down the impressions that you have at how that particular talk and WHY it was an answer for you? And then send it to me? Yeah?
The idea with this is that there are sooo many people down here in Rio Gallegos that are just like you, my family and friends, and I am just ONE, with my companion, TWO. I know that the Lord can impress your minds to help you and your testimonies answer the prayers of someone down here in Rio Gallegos.
I love you all, and hope that you are well.
Tell Angelica and Nick Tanner HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me, letters for them soon.
The pictures I sent a while ago I´ll have to explain another day. The girls all in purple one was Hna Salas, the one in the middle Hna. Resina the RS pres and the one on the right is Romina who was baptized 2 weeks ago. the one today is Astrid who I LOVE and ADORE is 15 was baptized and is planning (at least for now) on serving a mission!!!!!
I had a wonderful experience this weekend with General Conference. I decided to prayerfully write down some questions that our investigators or contacts have asked us and pay special attention to words, phrases and scriptures that the authorities used. Like Elder Holland said, I know that the speakers in conference have fasted prayed and thought endlessly to convey the message the Lord would have them share. I can give personal witness that all of the questions I wrote down were answered with overwhelming spiritual testimony that this is what our investigators need to hear to help them resolve their doubts and concerns or find a strength in keeping the commitments and obeying the commandments of God. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to hear these wonderful men and women that are called of God to serve and warn us of the things that we must do to receive the blessings of the celestial kingdom.
I know that the church is true. I have seen the wonderful power of love and the Spirit work in the lives of so many people. I know that the knowledge that Christ lives and that there is a plan for us gives hope and comfort and strength in a world of such unsteady values. I love my Savior and I am so grateful for Him and His sacrifice for me.
I wake every day with the knowledge that in this work, in this time that I´m serving, I can show Him how much I truly love and appreciate Him.
Love you, I know this gospel is true.
Be good, fight the good fight.
Pres Packer: “If you are looking for a church (religion) where you don´t have to do much....this is not it.”
Love you much,
Hna Gonzalez

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