May 22, 2011

Splash and splash!! email from May 16, 2001

Yay! This weekend we had two baptisms. They were a long time coming. Marcela has wanted to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for about 3 years. It is all a long story but this weekend I got to witness the giant smile on her face as she came out of baptismal font, dripping wet but full of a peace and love that she won´t soon forget. What a wonderful blessing it was to have been joined this special day with her son Luis. What an amazing kid! Marcela told us that while chatting after the baptism, Luis told her that he felt a great peace and spirit of his deceased father and told her not to worry, that he is preparing to perform the same ordinance for his dad too. He is so pure and understands so much! He will be a great priesthood holder. Less than one year to go :)
So that was the highlight of my week. We are also teaching another family and 3 more men that just need to put fresh batteries in and get moving! The priesthood is serious business and so extremely crucial in the moving forward of this work!
Ok, quick profile on my beloved companion!
Hna Natalys Campos is from CopiapĆ³ Chile. She has nearly 15 months in the mission which means either I will be her last or at least she will die in Rio Gallegos (mission language for finishing the mission). She is such a jolly, happy soul. My other comps were the ´´silent until after we eat breakfast´´ types. Like, no talking, nothing until they are properly awake. I wake up and talk. Once I´m up, i´m up and it´s all good. Hna Campos takes the cake. Once she´s off her knees, she´s singing, humming and skipping a little as we exercise. As we stretch and warmup she´s also warming up her vocal chords. She makes me breakfast if I shower first, she shares everything and makes it so completely easy to be comfortable and love her. She´s always happy, smiling and even when she´s down (which is like saying when the sun is a little LESS bright) she´s seeing the positive, the good and making me laugh.
Because of her loving example, we clicked immediately and now I strive to be a little more like her. We get along so well that we talk for a good long while at the end of each day and share our thoughts and feeling about how we can improve and be better tomorrow. She is wonderful!
I love you guys and I hope you all know it. I was thinking I would write you a guilt trip but that´s unnecessary. I love you and I know you love me. Be good.
Ruth hit on the dot somehting i had been feeling recently too. It´s called 'the end of the Alaska feeling'. Now it takes about 5-6 months before y'all miss me :) I miss the hugs, the smiles and the laughs but hey, we have eternity, what´s 18 months?
Being here and having time EVERY DAY to study, reflect and apply the wonderful plan of Salvation, I KNOW that God loves us and that He knows and cares for us. I can´t wait to see Him again though there´s a LOT of work we´ve got to do before we get there.
FLOOD the earth with the BOOK OF MORMON. That´s what we need to do. Share your testimonies, if necessary, use words.
I know that Church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know He lives. Because He lives, we have hope of a joyful eternity.
I love you soooo sooo sooo much.
We are as the armies of Helaman. We have been taught in our youth and we will be the Lord´s missionaries to bring the world His truth.
What an amazingly inspired song.

another song I love that Hna Salas had:

It was simple, from the heart
a quiet prayer was offered there before we had to part.
My mother kissed me softly as she sent me on my way
the school bus picked me up for my first day

through the window I waved goodbye
i saw my mother standing there and I wanted to cry
but then i started thinking about that little prayer,
asking Him to keep me in His care

I Know He loves me I know He´s there
and when I´m lonely or feeling scared,
Be with me Father, I call His name
He puts His arms around, He answers me with love
He watches over me from up above

Now I´m leaving to testify
My mother holds the tears back as she kisses me goodbye
I´ll serve the Lord with courage, I tell her as I go,
because a prayer was answered long ago

I know He loves me, I know He´s there
and when I´m lonely or feeling scared,
Be with me Father, I call His name
He puts His arms around, He answers me with love
He watches over me from up above

Love you, have a wonderful week. I pray for you daily and hope that when we meet again, we will all be a little better through our trials and tribulations (though my feet will be all calloused and legs thicker) :)
Love forever and ever, The church is True
Hna Gonzalez

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