May 22, 2011

May 9, 2011

Psyched you out!
But yes, writing a super quick, i love you note.
Went fishing today and it was Sitting around, having a good time, throwing things at the water and laughing with my favorite couple in our branch. I´ll send pictures of the poor fish we pulled out of the water and will probably be eating thursday. All in all a great p-day and i look forward to this week!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day and now I have sat on the rocky beaches of TWO oceans :) Who knew I would be sitting on the beach of the Atlantic ocean on a p-day this time last year?
If i didn´t say it yesterday or didn´t say it enough...I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE you and because I love you and know that I get to keep you forever and ever and longer than our poor little human minds can imagine, I am here, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He lives and loves us and there are so many people in the world that don´t know or understand what that means for us. I am so grateful, like I said yesterday, that I was born of goodly parents. I have had the amazing blessing of living every day of my life thus far in the warm, miraculous bounds of the Holy Spirit. I have been blessed to have 4 amazingly hard working, diligent priesthood holders that are within arms reach (when I´m home... :) )
I love being here. I can not believe that it has been 6 months. Just remember that I am happy, no matter what. Seriously, ALWAYS happy.
I love you all
Hna Gonzalez

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