December 12, 2010

What a week!! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles

Sent 6-Dec-2010

Ok Family, settle in,
This email with the general stories of the week will be sent to EVERYONE and i will TRY to write everyone indivdually too. Shoot I can´t spell anymore....
So, last week, after shopping, emailing and such, we went ice skating as a District!! It was a blast and everyone had fun but....the very next day we had to repent because we had sinned. Unintentionally because we HAD received permission to go BUT one zone leader forgot to call us back and tell us we COULDN´T do winter sports like that. Ooops. Luckily we were all ok but for sure future ice skating is off the table.
I included some pictures of said sinners laughing and skating happily away. I had to teach the elders how to do it because it was almost all of their first time skating on ice. E Bahmondes was my favorite. He wouldn´t let go of the handrail for most of the hour we were there. The last 5 minutes or so he got the hang of it :) (he´s in the blue and white striped jersey)
Also a pic of the district plus the zone leaders (who are in our district) at Tierra Santa. That place was a little bit scary. :) haha but a good experience all the same.
The other picture of my eating with my hands is me....well, eating with my hands. On tuesday we had a vianda, means take out, for lunch. We were far from our pension and hadn´t expected not to be eating with the hermana. So we walked a short distance to the church where there are ZERO utensils to be found. And no microwave. haha so we ate coldish milanesa and trigo con tomate with our hands :) hahaha Hna Peña HATES to be dirty and is very very neat. Eating with her hands was a challenge but she was also hungry.
We have been trying to teach a lot more with members present but they always seem to have something come up. So unless we snag them at a moment´s notice, we have pretty much been on our own. Don´t get me wrong, the members are GREAT. They definitely never leave us wanting for anything and are amazing at fellowshipping everyone we get to come to activities and to sunday meetings.
Wednesday I witnessed a miracle. We had finally gotten a time for Alejandro to come and listen to us! This was a small miracle but not the one i´m talking about. Not only is he an investigator but male so we can´t teach him alone. Hna Peña and I had tried everything and everyone to come and be with us so we didn´t have to cancel the lesson which was hard enough to arrange.
We went about the work, walking tons and enjoy the breeze though the breeze brought huge rain clouds and we were without umbrellas. We were going to get soaked and we were going to lose Alejandro because I think i mentioned before that when it rains here EVERYTHING stops. People go inside and they don´t do anything until the storm clears. I found out why. We had just ducked into the church to figure some things out when the rain came down in massive drops. It was raining the hardest i´ve ever seen it rain. We were more worried about getting to teach alejandro than getting wet so we both knelt in prayer, we both offered prayers aloud for the rain to stop so we could work and so that alejandro would not be discouraged from meeting with us. Hna Peña prayed specifically for it to stop raining long enough for us to work and teach and it could rain all night to kind of make up for it.
We got up, went to wash our hands and make the phone call we had needed to make and when we turned to the door to go out again.......the rain had stopped. We went out again to work, taught alejandro with a wonderful, marvelous sister who helped at the last minute and was happy to do so (she ended up being an incredible addition to the lesson as well. Perfect for relating to alejandro and his current challenges) and we did not get a single drop of rain on us. at 8:50ish when we started heading back home, it started to rain again. The Lord had blessed our faith for us to be able to do exactly as we asked. To work and teach and return home. It rained all night. :)
I know that the Lord is very aware of us and our needs and circumstances. He wants only the best for us. Answers and blessings may not always come as immediate as our miracle did but I know that we will recognize the help he sends if we have the faith to see it. Always pray in faith that the Lord will provide.
I love this gospel. I am overjoyed to know that I can be with my beloved family forever and ever. I know my Savior lives. I know he loves me and knows that I am imperfect but I am trying.
haha that story only got me to Tuesday.
Um, let´s see. Yesterday, we taught Carmen. She was married to a man named Juan Carlos who was a member of the church. They have divorced 10 years ago but when Carmen found out he was sick, she returned to care for him until he died. After his passing, she wanted to know more about his religion. We got in contact with her and when we had just started to teach about the restoration and Joseph Smith she started to cry. We stopped and asked why she was crying. These were her words: I feel like I was wrong. I was mistaken to not be with my ex-husband in this church. AAAHHH!!! Can you imagine our hearts were over the moon?!?!?! She testified to us right then and there that she felt the Book of Mormon was true. WOW! She is going to be baptized the 18th :) Miracles happen like that every day. I iwsh I could share them all but all in it´s duetime. It´s all in my journal anyhow.
I love you all and wish you Merry Christmas (early I know but people only ever with feliz fiestas here and the parties are not what it´s about!!!!) Remember to give a gift to Christ. I read somewhere that I think all he asks for is a broken heart and a contrite spirit... ;)
I love you all and wish only that you remember to pray and have faith that the Lord will guide your paths as you are obedient to His word. Be missionaries in your actions and words. You don´t need a nametag to share the gospel.
Love you love you love you,
Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Gonzalez

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