December 28, 2010


Sent 21-Dec-2010

Ok everything is going to be in super fast mode this week. I don´t think i´ll even have time to correct tyops so please forgive.
Sooooooooooo what would be better than a phone call at christmas??
Done guessing?

Don´t worry, my mission president happens to be the most technological savvy person in Argentina. He has allowed us to have a skype call with the family on Saturday!!! We still have to figure out if we have a webcam but hey, it´s free!!! I already have an account but umm....can´t remember the password. Dad, if you can figure out the password by the username, that would be dandy.
AHHH!!! I was jumping up and down and kicking and maybe squealing when the district leader called and told us. Seriously how awesome would it be to see you?!?!?!?!?!?
So, Thursday i have permission to double check with yáll about how it´ll all go down. Same time, same place (for me in the church) but on the computer! Sound good? Because it sounds wicked awesome to me. Except maybe the fact that you´ll actually SEE me crying with joy instead of HEARING it. hahaha oh well, that´s something I can live with. So be happy, figure out the skype thing so I can log into my account and you all have an account set up. Thank goodness we practiced in Alaska!! Hooray!!!!!!!!
So I have like less than two minutes but I´ll update you super fast.
Yes, my p-day changed to Tuesday this week because AFTER p-day last week we were informed that there would be a zone conference on Monday (yesterday) so we had zone conference for Christmas. SO FUN! My first one and we had sloppy joes (SO CRAZY) and a really fun white elephant gift exchange (where the pres and his wife provided all the gifts haha) and the sisters went first and went opening little bags of TIES after TIE after TIE after TIE!! haha there WERE sister gifts too so yeah :) I got a cute little headband and hair clips. I LOVE the President and his wife. The assistants are lucky to get to work so closely with him though we called the president twice this week directly (for baptisms) and he is so aware of us! It was amazing that when he picked up the phone, he said, Hola Hna Gonzalez, ¿comó va todo en Urquiza? He didn´t even hesitate to ask who he was speaking with! Out of 18 sisters, yeah it´s easier to narrow it down. Yup, 18 sisters out of about 160 missionaries in the mission.
We had the conference in the mission home and we had a mini meeting beforehand with all the missionaries who have less than 6 months on the mission. I was the only real greenie in the room and the ONLY Hermana. AWKWARD. haha but it was great, I’ve learned a lot that I am SO ready to put into practice in Urquiza!!
Mom thanks for sending my info to people on FB. I have been receiving emails from people like Elise West, Love her! and others that make me super happy. Thank you!
I had an inspired idea for you too mom. Regarding writing in your journal, even if you do write just a few lines at night (like after washing your face so you remember you still have something to do before (or even right after) praying, write like you are writing to me! Or your future grandchildren. Write about something you saw, an act of service, a miracle, a tender mercy and write to me about how it made you feel the love of God for you. Seriously, i think that would motivate you to remember to write. Think of me, something you want to tell me about your day and write about it :) yeah? Give it a try and let me know how it goes!
Dad, something you should know about the packages/letters that come through pouch. I don´t know exactly when it got here but it did!!!! Thanks for the reese´s! I opened my package on the train and Hna Peña and the elders we were travelling with all gasped in amazement! I´m the most popular yankee in town! hahahaha keep them coming if you please! :) no seriously, they were like mana from heaven....they even disappeared like the dew in the morning :)
Ok, the packages and letters will only get to me ONCE A TRANSFER at zone conference when we travel to the mission office (or if for some random reason we go to San Fernando which would be at the END of a transfer for the missionary farewells) So, transfers are next week, which also means my p-day will switch again to Tuesday instead of Monday in case one of us goes.... :(
BUT I’ll be able to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your birthday and not one day before :)
Love you all and we´ll chat more about life and everything on the mish on Saturday!

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