November 22, 2010

One week in Buenos Aires!!

Date Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 9:51 AM
We are in the most incredibly incredible Wal mart in the world right now. It has EVERYTHING we need for p-day and so we will save so much time next week now that we know it exists and can fulfill our every need :) you didn´t know that my p-day is NOT Tuesday. It was just like that last week for transfers but it will be Monday from now until further notice :)
Oh my gosh, Argentina is CRAZY I can´t believe I’m really here. The people are so funny. Usually they are so stuck in the ´no thanks I´ve found God already, I´m catholic, God and I are good´ that it is amazing that we are even teaching lessons.
Basically our ward is awesome. As soon as we got here they had so many friends- and family they wanted us to meet and teach. 3 of them have already been going to church while there weren´t missionaries here so guess what?? BAPTISMS THIS SATURDAY!
We are teaching Brenda, 10; Brian, 8 and Alejandro, 41. The children are GOLDEN and so easy to teach because they are pure and full of love and just want to be happy!
This ward has been waiting a long time for missionaries to be put back in the area. There was a shortage of elders I think, so when they opened the area again, the ward begged for sisters. And here we are. Getting to know such a foreign place has been both stressful and fun. Most of the street names are actually more like memorizing the American presidents....Roosevelt, Washington, etc.
I seriously love it here.
Although Buenos Aires smells funny. Like soggy. And walking around outside, I sometimes get distracted from contacting people because I´m PRAYING for a breeze because I feel like the clothes I have on I took out of the dry cycle too early. Blech. I´d rather play in snow.
I DEFINITELY need luck to understand people sometimes!! I can´t believe it! Plus, my weak-sauce Mexican Spanish is always being corrected for the right word in Castellano. Like a hot dog is a PANCHO. and elevador is ascensor. Hahaha it´s fun.
Any who got to finish up because we are meeting the district leader for something in another part of town. I´ll let you know if it´s cool next week. Something about a park that is a mini-Bethlehem? I dunno :)
Say hello to the mountains for me....i miss them! I NEVER know which direction we´re going when we´re here.... :( I’ll get it.
Ok love you and write on Sunday night ok? Because I love you and want to hear from you ALL! You love me, too.....right? Then remember Alma 60:6. I didn´t want to have to bring it up again because it´s harsh. But sometimes you got to use tough love when you are 5,000 miles away from your eternal family who forgets you exist.;) Love you.
Hermana Gonzรกlez.

Subject: Leadership conference
This is me on the 3rd day at the mission home in San Fernando! LOVEYOU!!!

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