November 20, 2010

Letter #2 November 7th, 2010

Mom and Dad,
Thank you for being absolutely incredible parents and being righteous and loving and patient. I can proudly say that I am like Nephi in at least one way, having been born of GOODLY PARENTS :D
My schedule here is so full and i'm writing all I can fit in the time alloted!
My average day looks something like this:
6am- wake up, go to Sisters-Only workout class
6:30- shower/dress
7:00- study in class
7:45- EAT
8:15- class until lunch
12:30pm- EAT
1:15- class until dinner
5:30- EAT
6:15- class until preparing for bed
9:00- in residence for companionship study & planning
9:30- do stuff like, iron shirts/skirts, brush teeth, shower etc.
10:15- quiet time
10:30- lights out

So now that I have gotten used to the schedule, which only involves sitting, studying, eating and sleeping, it goes by tons faster!! Like there is not enough time. And I only get hungry 5 minutes before any given meal and if I don't hit the hay at 10:35 (after prayer) I am uselessly exhausted and can't even form sentences to speak to my companions.
So my companions and I used to get up at 6am workouts but are way too tired by 4 pm, that we were basically useless, therefore, went back to sleeping until 6:15 and working out hard during our gym time which is almost every day but not always. Depends on our other meetings.
Hermana Ochoa has something wrong with her arm, her bones aren't broken. The MTC doctor checked her but he decided to send her to get  x-rays at the BYU urgent care, which means, as her companions, Hermana Schumacher and I are going too!! That means we get to leave the grounds which a lot of  people  don't get to do for 3-12 weeks when they are here and we have been here less than two weeks! It hasn't happened yet but I'll let you know how it feels to be out and about Provo as a missionary :D
So Elder Ballard came to our Tuesday night devotional, it was AMAZING. He was so good! the Spirit is always so strong here and to feel the palpable difference of an apostle of God walking in the room was flooring. I had chills up my arms and my heart was full. And he hadn't even said a word yet!!
We always sing 2-3 songs 15 min prior to the beginning of the meetings and we were singing when he finally came in, we stood as we were singing "Called to serve" which my district were singing in Spanish. We stood, felt the Spirit hit us like a wave of water. I turned to look at both of my companions and saw the same look of awe on their faces. Elder Ballard gave a phenomenally inspiring talk on becoming master communicators. Loved it!
This work is amazing. Difficult but rewarding. I can't believe everything I do is is Spanish now! I read and study in Spanish, eat while speaking Spanish (not always with my mouth full ;D), speak Spanish in class, while walking from building to building. I think I've even started to dream in Spanish! Even though I never remember my dreams....! I HAVE woken to my companions sleep walking in Spanish! haha that was a funny night.
It would be impossible to share with you all I've learned, my testimony has grown so much, I could go for 7 pages about how the Gospel is the ultimate most precious gift from our Loving Heavenly Father...!
I already have my flight plans!! Apparently I only need my passport to travel INTO Argentina but we'll need to get my Visa within a month. I will leave the MTC on Monday November 15th. My flight from SLC leaves for Atlanta GA at 12 pm. I will make sure to see if I get  to call you guys when I am at the airport. I will be the travel leader actually. Three of us will be traveling to Buenos Aires directly from Atlanta. All night, to get there at 8 am the next morning, so the 16th of November I will be in Buenos Aires!!
Oh! I love my district!! I can't imagine having different elders to learn from and with, study with and just get to know, we are always laughing and happy but when it comes to the serious business of learning how to be better teachers of the Gospel and communicators of the Spirit, there is not one missionary of the 13 who are not eager to get better and to do their best for the Lord.
Elder Magaña, Elder Romero, Elder Campos, Elder Nielsen, Elder Driaza, Elder Fernández, Elder Ochoa, Elder Murillo, Elder Angell, Elder Romero, Elder Cam:os, and last but least, Elder Summers.
List of things that would be awesome if you could get to send to me:
......... if you could sent these things that would be lovely.
Oh, and one more thing:
Tell the kids to write, if yu have trouble convincing them to spend 10 minutes of their  computer time on DearElder, read Alma 60:6. the end!

Longest letter ever but it is because I Love You!! The Church is true. I am always happy here and can't imagine bing anywhere else but on the Lord's errand!
Tell the kids to write!!
Important: I have no ones email address so I expect a note from you to be able to have them.

Love, love, love,
Hermana González.

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