November 14, 2010

Suzette's First Letter

Oct 27, 2010
I'm alive and well!! You will never guess my awesome story about my first day here at the MTC. After leaving the loving arms of my dear family, I walked a short distance around the corner of that building with Elders Grow and Jensen (the dear Elders that helped me with my luggage). I turned the corner and sister missionaries with big stickers next to their name tags that said "HOST" were sitting waiting for me. As I approached, I heard a squealed "SUZIE!!!...I mean...Sister González". And out of the gaggle bounded, yes BOUNDED a beautiful, tall blonde toward me and took me into a kind hug, comparable to yours, Sister Stay!!! She's still here, I am glad for me because I love her and get to see her but sad for her because her beloved Polish district left without her and she'll get a brand-spanking new district who are learning the alphabet...sad for her. She will be here for two more weeks.
Hermana Ochoa y hermana Schumacher and I are a threesome. TWO companions! Yay! And we are the only hermanas in our zone. We got 14 Elders watching out for us :D
I am SOOO tired and it's lights out. This is just a letter to tell you I am alive and well, loving this so far and Nikki is here :D big smiles.

Love you all so much!
Love and hugs,
Hermana González.

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