October 4, 2011

sooo much to say!!!

 Yesterday October 3rd, I had problems with my computer, but here is Suzette's email:

I truly had to make a full list of things I wanted to tell you about but the full, in-depth detailed stories will kinda have to wait because I just want to tell you everything!
FIRST, conference was the BOMB!!!! I can´t believe it´s already over. My companions and I were telling everyone about it all week and now it´s done.
Oh yeah, that was NOT a typo.....the SECOND thing I wanted to tell you all is that I have another companion.....brand spankin’ new to the mission......meaning I´m training two at a time...........my stomach hurts and I constantly pray to the point of distraction. And I may be getting sick again. bah!
Basically, I don´t know how I survived this week. President Gulbrandsen told me that this is what happens, the Lord calls missionaries to serve, the Prophet urges the Church membership to answer the call and......SISTERS ARE ANSWERING! So we are getting more sisters in this mission than ever before. BECAUSE of this, I have to make sure these two are trained and prepared to the point of, after 12 weeks, being able to turn around and train another sister. WOW! No pressure!
Luckily, I have been extremely blessed with these two wonderful sisters. Hna Shelley is a rock star and helps me so much. I can focus a little more on Hna Dunn (a real sweetheart!) while catching her up to speed of the last 3 weeks she had missed and Hna Shelley picks up my slack. We talk to EVERYONE which is great.
Hna Dunn, she was going to be coming in this NEXT group but she had studied Spanish in high school and college so they moved her out of the MTC as fast as possible to get her out here. Too bad the VISA thing got in the way again and so she was redirected to the St. George mission. Which she loved and was there only two weeks until they jetted her down here with the next group of missionaries on their way to Bahia Blanca :) So much great stuff!
We got her as much Argentine things as soon as possible so we could move ahead with other things like....finding BAPTISMS!
We are getting way under way in the way that we work to be Preach My Gospel era missionaries, to bring the world His truth and we have a lot of fun doing it! This is a HAPPY work and we love every minute. Even when we feel like we are in over our heads, we decide to lose ourselves and go to work. Focus and put everything in it we´ve got and let the Lord lead us where He would want us to go.
Wow, I don´t even know where to begin with conference but I loved every second of it. I wanted to jump up and down for joy when President Monson announced the temples. Hna Dunn just that morning had told me that the Provo Tabernacle had burned down....did any of you mention that ever??? But then he announced that they were rebuilding it as a temple?!!!!!! AMAZING, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I was super excited to see how the Church has grown and the blessings that are coming to Africa and Wyoming :) haha I love it. This work is so wonderful and I am SO blessed that there is so much to do here in Argentina! I want ALL to go and enter the temple. I meet people and I immediately picture them in white :) now and in a year from now :) yeah baby! That´s what I´m talking about.
I BAWLED through Sister Dalton´s talk of course. I love you Dad. Thanks for being my hero. I´m not sure if I tell you that enough. I love you. You love Mom and so I have seen what a good husband can and should be. LOVE YOU! You are the wind beneath my wings..hahha so many song lyrics come to mind...have I ever told you you´re my hero? ......I´ll sing it to you in like...a while.... :) NO COUNTDOWNS!
Cute, cute Familia Pinto had us over for lunch yesterday. I talked about how much I LOVE them last week. Not only was it delicious and so much fun but Hna Camilly Pinto is sooo cute that she made us this giant carrot chocolate cake. Basically our eyes were HUGE and as much as we wanted to down that cake, we politely ate our slice (mostly so that Hna Alipio Pinto, who is SUCH a kidder, wouldn´t hold it over our heads :) ) and then she sent us with a tupper of some mini cakes she made for our between conference session snacks :) love her! Thanks Hna Camilly! And we are NEVER going to encourage Hno Alipio to take out his tarantula collection again....sorry about that. :)
Happy Birthday to Grandma and tomorrow to Sabby! How old is Sabrina going to be anyway? I lost count. Old is all I know hahaha :) I still remember when she was just so little....
SO SORRY THAT I MISSED STEFF´S birthday!!! I feel horrible!! It WAS last week but in my PMG pages with my comps info I had written down the wrong month!!! Sorry!!!! I love you Steff! (Peña)
Ok, that´s about it for now. I have to remember slowly all the greatness of this week´s spiritual feast.
Just know that I am alive and well here in Congreso. I´m trying not to let the stress get to me but there´s only so much I can ignore. I basically feel really responsible for not only two lives but generations upon generations but here we go, one day at a time.

I love you all thank you so much for writing! You have no idea how much I look forward to hearing from you and how life is for you. You are all great loves in my heart so NOT hearing from you is rough. Get it?

CONGRATS KAM!!!! That is so amazing!!! My comp Hna Shelley´s brother is going to the MTC the same day but to the Philippines. So yeah, if you just so happen to run into a really TALL elder Shelley, you can tell him about your random connection through cute little poohhead. :)
PS Kam, i´m going to write Ruth a whole list of things that may be really helpful in your prep time from here to November! I hope to help as much as I can from here!!!! I´ll definitely be praying for you too!

I love you and I can´t wait to hear more about how the studying of the AMAZINGLY inspired conference talks changed your life. Let it change TODAY is all I can invite you to do. Don´t wait until tomorrow or another day. The coming of our Lord is nigh, are YOU ready to receive Him? Will He recognize you when He comes to call you His own? I want to say YES!!! Let´s get down to business!

                                                Hermana Dunn and Hermana Shelley
                                Beautiful Sister Missionaries, including Hna. Pinto!!
                                                    You did not write????? REALLY??? 
                                  (Suzette had no captions for these pictures, I made them up ;)

Until next week, I love you all. This Church is TRUE. There are living prophets today who have told us how to return to our Heavenly Father. We have to be APART from the world. We have to do FAMILY HISTORY. We have to do MISSIONARY WORK and we have to lead our FAMILIES to the TEMPLE.
I love you all soooooo much
Hermana Gonzalez

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