October 10, 2011

hey hey hey!

So listen, this week, and i feel like I say this about all the weeks I´ve been here on the mission.....

We have been talking to EVERYONE, which literally means walking down the street and talking to the people sitting on the sidewalk, the ones walking, the people that stare at our nametags on the bus or subway, BAM contacting opportunity. I´ve really come out from behind my pooor poor excuse of being ´shy´. Now, like Hna Shelley says, it´s a load of hooey. I HAVE to open my mouth in every moment because this is such a wonderful and important message I share. I would be held accountable for NOT being bold and sharing my testimony that there is a prophet on the earth today, that the Lord Jesus Christ LIVES and loves us. There is so much confusion in the world and I have learned to say that I am happy BECAUSE I KNOW. I don´t believe...there is no room for doubt. I KNOW that this is the true church of God and I know it because He has revealed it to me and allows me to keep asking every time I pick up the Book of Mormon and thoughtfully study and pray.

Ok, ps it rained like FOR REALsies this week. It was really fun for me because I got to estrenar my rain boots that I got in Tigre for super cheap but.....my comps feet were not so happy. Oops. But hey, it was an experience. If we had the same size feet I would have given them my boots but I happen to have dwarf feet that match my dwarfness :) haha I´m normal size here and my COMPANIONS are the wicked tall ones :) haha
A little wet...

                                                                    ...But HAPPY!!!

So those are the pics I sent. Also, dead, very dead cockroaches from our apt that crawled out and died after they fumigated our apt. They do that regularly in this building which I don´t think they did in Urquiza...Anywho. DEAD cockroaches are way ok. 

Ok and right now, my world just turned upside down.
This ALWAYS happens to me. President just called and he said that Hna Shelley is leaving me and Congreso to go a week early to......USHUAIA!!! WOW!
All at once, my life is different. She´s leaving and Hna Dunn and I are going to keep taking all these people that we´ve been teaching and finding to the waters of baptism. I think that´s what hit Hna Shelley so hard right now is her great planning mind, all the plans we made in our weekly planning session and how we wanted to help all these people to progress this week.
Hey, she is ready and that is NOT something that I´m worried about at all. Hna Dunn and I tell her every day that she cannot think that she doesn´t speak the language because she´s a pro.

 I think we are all our hardest critics. Which is why I LOVED what Mom sent me about what President Uchtdorf said in RS conference session “Forget me not”(which I did NOT get to see by the way, maybe next week on p- day, we´ll see)
We have to remember to be as infinitely loving and compassionate with ourselves as we are to others. SUCH a hard thing sometimes because we WANT to be better and BELIEVE in our own potential. Only satan will ever make us think that we aren´t good enough or we aren´t ever going to be able to change. Our Heavenly Father LOVES us.

One more thing, Hno. ALIPIO PINTO whose wonderful wife reads my blog had a birthday yesterday and we made him a great brownie (which was a HUGE sacrifice because it was fast Sunday....torture!!) BUT he wasn´t even in church....so we ended up eating the delicious thing ourselves :) so THANKS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

I will tell you about all our great and crazy experiences next week because we got really distracted here in the cyber with the news and the crying and the excitement and me trying to explain how AWESOME the south is and how she shouldn´t trip and fall because she might roll right onto Antarctica...hahaha that was funny. I´m SO funny.
Well, I love you all. I had the distinct impression that I had forgotten SOMEONE´s birthday and of course, tell tio Brett happy birthday for me. And hey, does Morgan have a worldwide email and can I get it too??? I want to know how his mission is going!!! And I don´t have his email....I think.....do I? But tell him Happy late birthday for me too!

SAMMMY and^POOOOOOOOOOHHHEEEEEEAAD^  I’ll write again BEFORE your birthdays but just in case something random and crazy happens, just know that I will be thinking of you and singing the weird happy birthday song they have here to you. :) love you both lots and I CAN’T believe you are getting so old....blah. Remember how we all used to be little, happy and carefree.. Oh man, our life is GOOD. I love you soo much. I´m glad we are family and forever and ever. Love love.
Until next week, Hna Gonzalez

Love you all!!!!!!

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