October 19, 2011

hey now!

From October 17, 2011 Sorry Brady :)

So this transfer looks like a GREAT opportunity to start fresh, start optimistic and get stuff done!
After the craziness of my last like...3 transfers, the Lord has decided that Hna Dunn and I will be working together in CONGRESO! haha NOT moving is SUCH a blessing. I didn´t think President would call either of us away from the area but just getting the phone call saying ´you stay´ was a great stress reliever.
We went to the despedida (farewell) last night in San Fernando. We took a great sister named Rudecinda so that she could hear the great messages and testimonies the ´dying´ missionaries have and the message President always lovingly shares. It was another great one last night. He shared about the Light of Christ in everyone but especially the missionaries that are called to represent our Lord Jesus Christ. When people, members and investigators alike, open their door and receive us, they are receiving much more than a 19-21 year old in their home, but the Lord Himself. He asked the congregation, made up of members, new members and investigators, if they´d like to see angels or see miracles. There was an affirmative murmur and then he asked all the elders and sisters in the room to stand. It really is a miracle. There were the majority of those on their feet who, before receiving a holy calling from a servant of God, didn´t even speak Spanish. Miracles happen. The Spirit of the Lord is on the earth and we can seek and feel it when we are willing to work for it. (Hna. Gonzalez’ mom with tears in my eyes as I read this, of course)

This is going to be one of the craziest transfers ever. Good thing we aren´t going anywhere but everything around us is changing. 20 elders are going home this week and we are receiving that many more PLUS sisters! Hna Whitehead is training and so is dear Elder Nielsen (remember the elder from my MTC district?) They were both excited and so nervous. I am just so astounded by the great things that are happening here in the mission field. Of course, it´s the only mission I’ve ever served in but I feel that if everywhere in the world there are Elders and Sisters like the ones I´ve worked with, the great stone rolling forth, cut out of a mountain without hands, will reach the ends of the earth and grow until it fills every corner before we know it.

So we are working with a bunch of people but we know that we have to find more. We are getting all sorts of great ideas, inspiration, and revelation as to how to personally apply the principles of Preach my Gospel to our area. We are ever working with the members, hoping that at some perfect, pivotal point, the work of the missionaries will be purely to TEACH those whom the members find and prepare. Maybe I won´t be here when it happens but I can be content with helping to pave the path.

David, from Haiti, is really hard to teach just because he is ALWAYS working. He works in a ‘kiosko’.... umm is that understandable in English? Like a convenience store. Yeah, like that. But whenever we drop by to make photocopies or whatnot, he has the Book of Mormon there on his counter. He says he´s been reading but has yet to come to church because of his work schedule. He promised to get work off this Sunday so we´ll see if we´ll be able to keep teaching him.

There are several sisters who still want to be baptized but for lack of a lot of things, one big one being willing husbands (and I’m NOT going to go off on how these men really need to be more responsible in the things that COUNT...but it was a temptation) to help them to progress spiritually. I really hope that we find a family that actually lives in our area!!! That´s what´s so hard about being here. We talk to everyone and see great families and get them to stop and accept us to visit them BUT!!!!! They all live in other areas or in the South mission! bah! frustrations to the max! Though I DO know that, wherever the referrals go, that the missionaries there will be grateful for the family we send their way and that they will be taken care of where they live.

We are going to explore our greatly historical area here today. It is all big apartment buildings and government buildings and shopping stuff but there are also great museums and amazingly argentine things to see. Like last week when I ACTUALLY SAW ARGENTINES DANCING TANGO IN THE STREET! Dream of seeing it finally fulfilled! So amazing!!

There are so many goals that we will be working toward this week and I know that they have been sent to our minds and hearts to work on them from the spirit and I am grateful to the Lord for that.
I love you all and thank you so much for all the support!
Until next week my loved ones!
Hermana Gonzalez

ps. there is this album or group or whatever called Nashville Tribute to the Work, the Trek and the Prophet. It´s a bunch of GREAT songs that your dear little missionary would love to have if possible. If you find them, rather, WHEN you find them, could you pretty please put them on my computer and then send me a cd of them and WITH some of the music you sent on my ipod?
Here´s why: when I tried to put this conference talks on my iPod, I can´t. I´d have to restore it which would mean sacrificing all my music and current podcasts to these new talks. SOO.....my plea would be pretty please make a couple back up cds so that I CAN restore my ipod and STILL have the music I want.
Mostly the music I listen to is:
EFY cds....SO great, especially 2009? possibly?
The Spanish music that´s under JKP
Jenny Philips
Forgotten Carols
Cello classical music by Zuill BAiley. (Hna Dunn and I LOOOOVE it)
And this one GREAT version of “Come, come ye saints” instrumental style.
And any come thou fount versions.
So...yeah! Could you look into that?
Also......not getting trunky or anything, promise, but there are GREAT things I´d love to get here before I would be leaving this area. So how much money could I take out for that?? In dollars, I guess. I know I took out a ton a while ago and I´ve been saving that here and there using it in emergencies but now it´s nearly gone from replacing really thrashed clothes and repairing my shoes. Just let me know. k thanks! Love you ALLL!!!

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