March 1, 2012

Peanut butter, tights and poptarts....could a Sister missionary ask for anything more???

Email for February 28 (p-day was on Tuesday this week)

I think a BAPTISM would be pretty news worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember that one time we found a GOLDEN investigator and three weeks later he got BAPTIZED?!?!?! Yeah, 
That would be the one and only Enrique Segundo Cisterna Miran. He is so amazing and just feels so good about everything that´s gone down in the last 3 weeks. We were teaching him last night and he said with teary eyes that he is so grateful that we knocked on his door. We had been looking for his dad but the Lord knew that Enrique was prepared. 
The baptism was amazing. It all started last week after the baptism we went to with Enrique. He was feeling big time excitement about this past Sunday, the 26, when he knew it would be his turn. With everything that we taught him and invited him to commit to live he would just say, ¨ok, I’ll do it. I´m just sorry I didn´t know this before.¨ We had the incredible opportunity to have District Conference this weekend too so he went to EVERY meeting he could with President Gulbrandsen in town. He went to and loved the adult session, a special meeting for new members and investigators that President Gulbrandsen planned and then the general session. After the General session, Enrique dressed in white along with Hermano Alvaro Robledo and they walked into the FREEZING Ushuaia water (because the water heater went out again! but he was DETERMINED that if we could find someone that could handle the cold, he´d be getting baptized, warm or cold water aside). It was incredible. He asked us a couple days ago if there was any way that his deceased mother could be baptized too. OF COURSE we said and taught him about the power of the ordinances in the Temple. He started to cry with joy and it was incredible to presence the start of a huge tree of people that have been waiting for their children to find and accept the gospel. Enrique will be the door for so many. LOVE IT!
He wants to share the gospel with his whole family that are all over the island. Rio Grande, Tolhuin, etc. At the end of the baptismal service (in which, Hna Shelley and I sang AGAIN and AGAIN I was dying of nerves.) we sang families can be together forever. He could sing for the tears in his eyes. President Gulbrandsen was up on the stand, saw Enrique´s emotion and then looked at me with that look of ´he gets it´ and such greatness!! I love this whole life! After the service, Hna Shelley and I couldn´t wipe huge smiles off our faces. We giggle and were happy, happy, happy despite the snow and cold. Nothing can get us down. Here we go off to work some more!! This feeling of the Spirit changing lives is ADDICTING!
We are getting great people in our lives. Jesús and Monica are the NEXT ones to get in the water. I hope. They do have to get married first and that could prove problematic with the silly argentines that just go on strike sometimes so everything goes kerplop. Like the weeks the gas people were on strike and we couldn´t pay our bill so we were afraid of being without heat or hot water for a while. Oh Argentina, how you have my heart! haha
Love this work. I know that it is the Marvelous Work that the prophets prophesied of. We do the Work His way and Heavenly Father does the MARVELOUS. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. LOVE IT!
Love you all,
Have a wonderful week!
P.S. thanks for the amazing package, the tights are such a great amazing happiness in my life!!!!! SAVED ME! And the peanut butter? LOVE!! And poptarts? AMAZING! haha thanks for loving me!!! May the Lord bless and keep you!

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