November 7, 2011

what a week...and there´s a new one just starting!

Is a rockstar.
Basically this week has been all about working with the members. We discovered the power of what President Erying talked about in the priesthood session of conference (which just happens to be the most LOADED of all sessions about missionary work and I’m NOT going into how much I wish I could go…...I think I may have vented about this before but hey, this is just going to be a lifelong thing. My future guy/husband, whatever, will go to Priesthood session and take COPIOUS notes and not plan on ANYTHING but going over it with me Saturday night. That´s all)
Anywho, we decided to NEED their help and let them know it! A miracle that I have time here to write about is dear Hna Balaña.
I love her so much. She and her husband have been ROCKSTARS in spreading the word, inviting people to FHE and giving us referrals! She has also been our hero in accompanying us to visit Prince. I had NO idea that she even spoke English (she doesn´t a ton but definitely understands Prince and us) until she was sitting and nodding at what we were talking about. I LOVED her great testimony and all her amazing help with Prince and others.
Then, icing on the wonderful chocolate-y cake was yesterday (I LOOOVE fast and testimony meeting in this ward, by the way. NEVER a silent moment. They just share and share and share!) in sacrament meeting, Hna Balaña rushed up to the front trying to be mom, I mean, like mom and be FIRST in sharing her testimony ;) She is just the greatest sign to me from the Lord that we HAVE to work this way, not only for the good of numbers, or our good or the investigators but the MEMBERS learn and grow sooo much and I want everyone to feel what I feel. This week we are visiting EVERYONE we can and doing a family home evening with them to involve them in the work with people that already know. This ward to going to EXPLODE!
Yesterday, after the meetings, the ward that shares our church had a baptism. It was PERFECT! The most wonderful opportunity for Prince to feel the wonderful spirit of the covenant young Sol was making with the Lord.
Later, he called us several times because we weren´t answering (we were in a cita) and just wanted to talk to us. He told us, in his broken English (did I mention all the lessons we have with him are in English?? Super weird for me to transition the gospel vocab BACK to English but soo great) he told us that he prefers our church and just wants to talk to his mom in Haiti before he gets baptized. HOOORAAAYYY!!!!!
I am so incredibly happy. Nothing could get me down. He is such a special soul and it is NO COINCIDENCE that he just got invited in off the street to be in church and meet the people he´s met. I love this guy and am so willing to do everything I CAN to help him be at my side in the second coming when I can tell my Savior I´ve brought them back, I´ve kept my covenant with You that he would come.
Hna Dunn cracks me up all the time. I’ve started writing down the things in my planner that she says and does because I HAVE to remember them. I don´t have time to share them all right now and plus, they probably wouldn´t be funny to anyone else.
I just want to let you all know that I LOVE being here. I LOVE that this gospel is for everyone. I LOVE knowing that I am doing something that I promised the Lord I would do before i even came to this earth. I come to know this fact a little more everyday when I meet my heavenly friends here in Argentina. I came here to meet them and to share with them the GOOD NEWS, the gospel of our Savior and Redeemer. I love Him. I want to know Him because I am more like Him. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Keep your daily walk close to Him so that His arms can enfold you when times get dark and rough. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.
I am so excited for the Christmas season (though it DOESN¨T FEEEEL like my kind of Christmas) because HE is the reason we are even celebrating being here. Without Him, we would have temporal joy and not know that these things we are learning and passing are for our ETERNAL good. I love Him and love you all. I thank the Lord for you, my wonderful family and friends in my life.
Thank you for your support and love,
Until next week.
Hermana Gonzalez

Love love love love love you guys
PS *Geli, glad to see you are alive.....mailing address ASAP!!! :)
pss. will you tell Amelia Gray on facebook or something that I love her, miss her and DESPERATELY need her address?? AND to hear from her?!?!!!!thanks again for EVERYTHING!

FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED Suzette added this to her letter today:
*There are a couple people that have emailed me and asked if there was ONE thing I wanted in a package, what it would be. Can you have Mom or HELP mom put a note on my blog that i would LOOOVE these few, simple things:
1. PEANUT BUTTER m&m´s. 
2. Brown sugar, random i know but doesn´t exist here. only for horses.
3. peanut butter, JIF has these little cup things that travel GREAT!
4.! of just what life is bringing to you all and of your wonderful faces!
5. Maple extract, they don't have any at all here.
6. Did I say Peanut butter m&m´s .....i just REALLY love and miss them....

Oh hey, the little cards of the pictures of christ? any luck finding those?

Just in case:
Packages to the Mission Office:Hermana Gulbrandsen (Hna. Gulbrandsen's name has to be on as the receiver, she picks the packages up)

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission
Gral. Lavalle 1828
1646 San Ferando
Buenos Aires,Argentina

On the return address write:
Hermana Suzette Gonzalez (so they know who it is for) and your address.
Make sure it does not weigh more than 4 lbs. This is the safe way for her to get the package. There are priority mail for residential and international use at the post office. UPS and FedEx are not safe).

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