November 28, 2011

oh my lanta.....​.

We thought we would not get an email today, Suzette sent it at 1:02 pm and we received it at 9:49 pm, pictures make the email veeeeerrrrryyyyyyy ssssllllllooooooowwww : )
But here it is!!!!

This is part of a short message Suzette sent earlier this morning:
12 noon
 Yup.......trransssfeerrrrrrs. I decided I don´t like them but I deal with it hahaha, it´s just the crazy and the anxiety of moving or not, packing or not, saying goodbye or not....I lose sleep. No bueno .... buuuuuuuuut......
WE BOTH STAY IN CONGRESO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE keep praying for me and my comps AND our investigators of whom I will tell you more later!

1:02 pm
Hey, sending these pics and also wanted to let you know that I GOT THE CHRISTMAS PACKAGES!!!!         3 packages and SOOOO much happiness. I really wish I had gotten a video of my reaction of opening and seeing all the great things on ´Christmas´. We did Christmas last Friday because we really couldn´t wait to see what amazingness could be inside! So we made a delicious breakfast in our sweet hindu/argentine pants. They are the BEST things ever. We LOVE these pants. Mine have camels on them and Hna Dunn’s are elephants. They are super popular here and I’m DEFINTELY taking the trend to the US if it hasn´t made it there before me. They are the most comfortable amazing things ever. Especially now that it´s getting so HOT!
Hna Dunn made crepes and we delighted with the Nutella. I just about passed out when I saw it and the maple and the... 
...m&m 's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A happy missionary, indeed. :)

Ok as these pics are loading I’ll start writing about this week and the coming week.
First of all, I just have to say that last week, Hna Dunn and I found exactly what I´ve been looking for.....great argentine things to take home and share with you! Mostly things like awesome key chains but also legit argentine amazing-ness. We might have gone crazy with happiness. I found....wait for it............................LEATHER FANNY PACKS! They are coming back. And even if they´re not ´cool´ they are DEFINITELY a GREAT and practical thing. I´m SO excited to get to use it.

That being said,

Transfers have come and gone and I am staying in Congreso like I thought and hoped does HERMANA DUNN!!!!! I was actually really, really anxious about these transfers because of all the things that are pending with our work together. The GIANT surprise was that we would be, yet again, in a TRIO.......I´M TRAINING AGAIN!
Last time, I was just feeling all sorts of inadequacy, discouragement, and worry. Now I´ve learned SO much, grown a lot and have developed this insane trust in the Lord. Nothing like pushing you to the edge of a canyon to show you that you can actually fly. I worried a lot, cried a lot, prayed a lot. And while I will continue to pray my heart out, the worry and tears will be reserved only for our investigators and not in MY behalf.

This time around, with the new missionaries arriving, President and Sister Gulbrandsen are doing a great thing. For the Latin missionaries who are already here, they will be getting right to work on Tuesday when they get picked up from the CCM. For the Provo MTC missionaries who will be arriving tomorrow morning after a looong, loong travel on an all night flight, they will be taken somewhere to go sleep a few hours, THEN get the welcome training, THEN the interviews and we will go and get them from the mission home on Wednesday. While I’m SUPER jealous that they get to go and sleep and feel good and clean and happy before getting work, it´s SUCH a wonderful thing for these missionaries to sleep before we stuff them full of amazing info that they will NOT remember in a tired, hazy state anyway. I just remember my first day and the confusion, a good kind, not bad. I didn´t know what was going on but I wasn´t worried about it either. I was just so excited to be here that all I worried about was trying to stay awake and pay attention. I honestly don´t remember much but I do remember being happy and knowing that I was exactly where the Lord needed me.

Well, enough reminiscing, I’ll do that lots later I´m sure. But we are getting so excited here, yo!
(Before I forget, Hna Whitehead got sent SOUTH! To.......da da da dum! RIO GALLEGOS!!!!!!!!!!!! She´ll be in my beloved branch down there and I´m so happy for her even though I will miss her TONS. I actually got to see her a lot last transfer and I love her to death. She and I have matching leather fanny packs now :) and have many dates planned for the future so while we are separated by miles and miles now, all will be well in Utah. I was just mentioning this because last Wednesday was probably the last time I´ll see her in the mission field... :( ) Could you send her the picture I attached with her fanny pack? Thanks!

We had a GREAT week. Prince is getting SOO close to the water, it´s killing me. He has some doubts about being baptized again because he was baptized in another church before and with the language barrier, it takes a LOT to explain BUT we had this incredible experience of having a lesson with a member in her home with Prince. We got him a French Book of Mormon, from which he would read out loud what we asked him to while Hna Dunn followed along in English and Hna Balaña (member) and I read in Spanish. We would explain in English and Hna Balaña would testify in Spanish (she understands English VERY well). It was such a beautiful spirit! I loved it. We were talking about it the rest of the day, especially because we were visiting less active families and testified of the power of the Book of Mormon. So great!

We met this great family last night trying to contact a less active family. Veronica was sitting outside (a lot of people are sitting out on the sidewalks now trying to escape the heat of their apartments (which means GREAT contacting opportunities for US!) with her nieces and nephews and we started talking to them. Veronica is from Paraguay and has had SOME experience with the missionaries, mostly misunderstandings which we were GLAD to inform and resolve her doubts. We got a return appointment and they said that just the day before they had been talking about needing some spiritual guidance in their family because of some recent experiences. I am so grateful for the Hand of the Lord leading us to be there at that time to meet them! Hooray for the guidance of the spirit!

To be cont....

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