February 6, 2011

Hi folks!

Hey hey!                                                                                                         2011/1/31
I am BURNING up here. I want to go home. hahaha NAH! Just kidding! But seriously, you would think that if it’s raining, it’ll be cooler and better to walk around....not. Rain shoots the humidity through the roof so we walk in the rain without umbrellas because even if we weren’t getting wet from above, we are sweating so badly that umbrellas don’t even make a difference. Not carrying the umbrella makes one less thing to worry about. ha-ha So in Celsius, it was 43 degrees when it was raining. Not just the heat but they take into account the humidity. So it was like 40 but 'feels like' 43. Ew.

Oh but check this out, it was raining and the grey rainclouds were darkening the sky when I came to Wal-Mart to shop and print pics. Now, 1 hour and a half later, I can see sun and blue skies. Buenos Aires is crazier than Juneau!
This week we had a zone conference. It was AMAZING! I love learning from President and sister Gulbrandsen. The assistants and my zone and district leader all chipped in too. It was a powerful conference and I learned a lot.

Jan & Feb Birthdays
About zone conference, I had never read 1 Nephi chapter 8 in this way but check it out; there are 3 groups of people in the world. Read these scriptures and figure out where you are and where you WANT to be.
Group 1---1 Ne 8:21-23
Group 2---1 Ne 8:24-28
Group 3---1 Ne 8:30, 33
The third group cared not about the things of the world. Capos, the argentines would say :) or 'de diez' or 'barbaro' haha i'm going to come back saying all these things and I love it. haha

At zone conference, or really ANY gathering of Elders, we get into some kind of discussion about BYU/Utah....puh-leease. It just so happens that the first time I met my current DL, I was wearing my Utah shirt because we were playing soccer. He is from Roy, Utah and actually knows a friend of mine....which is really a friend of his too. Anywho, E Pearson is a VERY VERY big BYU fan and can´t help but share with his fellow BYU cheering Elders that I am a sinner. So at departing missionaries' devotionals, zone conference etc, I get to define the fact that I don´t hate anyone and that Elder Bednar himself said that 'we are all on the same team, we all wear the same jersey' I love that talk. Priesthood session is the bomb!!!

Thanks for the shoes and the candy. Hna Peña and I LOVED the reeses’!

Last week for p-day, we went to Puerto Madero to see battleships. This was the idea of our beloved zone leader who is finishing his mission this week. He gets to choose what we do haha. It started out fine, walking around with the hopes of seeing something cool. But in the heat....after 40 minutes of walking trying to find said battleships....we were not so happy with dear Zone Leader. I got so burned and have a very distinct tan line that I didn’t have before. And a crazy line on my foot that I don’t even know how it happened! i just realized i left the memory from last week’s adventures at home...oops. Next week, eh?

Ok, gots to go but I love you all and I can´t wait until I read all your letters and emails. Love you all

May God bless and Keep you,
Love love love love your faces
Hna Gonzalez

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