January 19, 2011

HI HI HI!!!!

What up y'all?
Wow, I spoke a LOT of english this week at a leadership conference. All the Elders who had heard me say the prayer at the same conference two months ago were amazed at how quickly i picked up the language. Elders that DIDN't know me asked if I was from argentina. SCORE! haha I try really hard to loose my yankee accent but hey, what can I do? At least other yankees can´t hear it.
So I met a lot more missionaries at this conference, in getting there and traveling back to our areas is about a 45 minute train ride where there are more elders than you would ever see together at one time. haha I met Elder McNeil from Orem Ut who went to Orem high. haha He also went to Canyon View and is only a year younger so I just assumed that was why he looked familiar to me. He said I looked familiar too but kept trying to figure out specifically where he´d seen me. We were both coming up with people we knew and we know a lot of the same people. He knows my dear friend Michael Hall and was so excited when I told him about Michael and Jennifer´s marriage. Also, E McNeil knows Bryce Hermann who was at the house at my farewell and I saw him a couple times at the MTC because he is a teacher there. That was fun and I got to know a lot of the missionary leaders.
We have a zone conference tomorrow!!! I´m super excited because I LOVE these conferences. I love President and Sister Gulbrandsen and I love being in a room full of 40-50 Elders and Sisters. It´s such an incredible spirit. I know that we receive revelation for our areas and how we can apply the gospel principles and learn from Preach My gospel how to be efficent and fruitful in our day-to-day work.

Oh, pictures this week! :) Hopefully they all go. I included a pic of the bowling scores (which the Elders still can´t let go) 

The bowling pictures I LOVE because I really think I won because of my lucky WOLF SHIRT! YAY! You can see how ridiculously dark my comp gets and how I seem to be sun repellant. And yellow. Ew. haha

And a picture of me with Estefania who was baptized the week of Christmas and is dreaming and planning to be a sister missionary. She only has 9 years to wait :) The picture was taken at her birthday party. Her birthday is a week before mine and we had a giant delicious cake.

The picture of me in front of the black sign was my birthday picture. My lovely companion made me a delicious apple cake (that I helped her make. Because, don't worry, I MAKE apple sauce now) and she had been working on that sign and balloons and everything every time I went to the bathroom so I wouldn´t see it!

AW! For cute! So we took happy birthday pictures making faces and such. Hna Peña insists that she can't make funny faces. 'Doesn´t know how.' So we were practicing. She really just needs a little more imagination. haha She just always comes out looking cute in pictures. Whatev. I can take the ugly enough for the both of us.

Well, We had a pretty good week. It flew by because we traveled to San Fernando two days. I didn´t get anything yet by the way. I got some letters from Dave Wilson, Stephen, Alivisi,and Gaby! I loved receiving them and reading them! Thanks! 
I got a package from an Elder who finished his mission when I got here. His last area was Urquiza so he was touring with his family and his mom wanted to send us whatever we wanted. We would never ask for anything but he sent both hna Peña and i two bags of reese´s and vaseline, and a lovely calendar of temples for 2011. It was great!
Well I got to go but i love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Ps. people who send LETTERS don´t need to do the same things as PACKAGES with the changing of the name. Letters are just fine to address to ME but Hna Gulbrandsen´s name needs to be on packages for the aduana stuff. I forgot the word in english.....oops
Anywho that´s just because Hna Gulbrandsen thought they were for her and opened them. No worries, they got to me anyway but she felt bad for opening them mistakenly!.
Love you all. I love being here, I love being a missionary and I learn something every day.
Share you tesimonies. You won´t regret it. Open your mouth and it shall be filled.
Hna Gonzalez

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