January 11, 2011

Hey, Hey!

January 10th, 2011

Ok, same sad, old story: NO TIME

Today was one of a kind. I was a champion. Ok, since we have a new-ish district (because only 2 changed) we still wanted to get to know these Elders. We WERE going to go to the ZOO!!!! which is my favorite but the Elders decided it was going to rain, some have already been before...yadda yadda. So....we went bowling.
E Bahamondes from Chile LOVES bowling. It´s his suggestion EVERY p-day. Since our new district leader came from serving 22 months all in the south and in the provinces, he was overjoyed at the idea of being in captial and going bowling. I think he thought he was going to cream us all in the game....sadly, it was not so. It came to pass that E Pearson was humbled and the Hermanas won both games!
Woot Woot! I´m not prideful but I am proud that Hna Peña and I could hold our own when we play with the Elders. Ok, Ok, i won´t send you the pictures I took of the scoreboard right now but I´ll tell you that I was first in both game! haha But to tell you how badly we ALL play, I won with the high score of 106 and 98. It was a great day. Especially because E Pearson had given me so much guff for being a Ute and was singing the Cougars fight song the first 5 frames and then stopped singing entirely eventually. At least now maybe he won´t bring up the BYU basketball´s record of beating Utah every 5 minutes. :)

This week, we met two wonderful people that we are preparing for baptism. One is a remarkable 9 year old whose grandmother (member) taught her to pray, gave her a hymn book and taught her how to have family home evening. This girl has FHE BY HERSELF every week. She doesn´t know how the hymns go so she reads one, prays, reads a messages from the Liahona that she made photocopies of from her grandmother's and then prays and goes to sleep. What an example!

I love being here. I love being a missionary. I see so many wonderful blessing from our Heavenly Father.
Love you all and thank you for the Birthday messages!!! I hope you all eat one of those amazing chocolate doughnuts for me! I told Hna Peña about them and how they are my birthday cake and I have been dreaming about them ever since. There is NOTHING like them in Argentina but I´ll make do with a coconut alfajor that I discovered a couple days ago. YUM!

Love you all
Hna Gonzalez

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  1. Dear Suzette!
    Congratulations on your bowling victory!
    And have a very happy birthday!
    I love you!