February 18, 2012

Hey family!! I love my life!!! Look and LIVE!

Email from February 13th, 2012

Hey family!!
We had quite the week, quite the day and I am just loving life!!! It´s been great working down here. It´s like a fairytale land and I know that it just won´t be my life for very much longer and I´m soaking up every minute of it. I love seeing the Lord´s hand miraculously in my life! The people all around us are little angels that Heavenly Father places in our paths to learn something or to make us be the instruments He needs to bless His children.
Once upon a time, a member told us yesterday that WHITNEY HOUSTON DIED??? WHAT? That is so sad. It´s such a sad loss because of how she went. Her great talent couldn´t fill her life and the love of thousands of millions of people couldn´t keep her from the horrible drugs. Is that what ended up killing her? So sad!
But this week we had member heaven. I love the members here so much! I feel like they are just willing to give so much of themselves. When we pass around a calendar for lunch, all the sisters sign up and try to fill us up for two weeks. Then, with our visits planned, they invite less active members, recent converts, non member friends, etc to be at that lunch! It makes it so great for us to have success in creating friendships with more less active members and the fellowshipping of recent converts runs so smoothly!!! Love it!! So happy with how this branch works.
Today we went to the National Park and the END OF THE WORLD! Literally, where the road ends and it says end. My favorite part? The sign says how many kilometers to Buenos Aires AND to ALASKA!!!! OF COURSE I´ve got a picture to show it and now, added to my ever-growing bucket list, is getting to the other end of the road in my beloved Alaska!!! YES!
Love this work. We have NO time but will get back to you next week.
We had interviews with President and as always I always feel WAAY better after talking to him and getting his feedback. Love it. We had a great conference too. But hey, no card yet, but it should come either with transfers or with the conference in 2 weeks. No worries.
BUT next week COULD be crazy. Please pray for me that no matter what happens with transfers that I´ll be ok, that Hna Shelley will be well and that the Spirit can keep us going strong in USHUAIA! I really hope I don´t leave!!!!
Love y´all!
Until next week!
Hermana Gonzalez

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