January 23, 2012

More......​week 2 in Ushuaia

Hey all!!!
What an amazingly amazing week! We were working HARD and LONG and getting sweaty despite the cold because we have to basically hike the mountain EVERY DAY! I had never thought what it would be like to serve in an area like this. Just because we WALK everywhere my legs are getting huge again. Blah. Hiking thighs, it´s cute, i know.
Despite the extreme exercise we get, it´s all SO worth it when we have many miracles!!!
When I got here, they had just baptized a BUNCH of people and sometimes that means everyone you were working with is progressing well and .....there´s a lack of NEW people to teach. So, we went right to work to what we do best: Opening our MOUTHS! We started contacting a bunch of referrals we had received and I dove right into the Area Book! It´s such a testimony builder of the Church to know that EVERYTHING is VERY organized. A missionary need not fear leaving people for other missionaries to work with in later months and years because if we do our job right, the record of their progress and teaching remains and other missionaries will be there at the right time to bring these people we learn to love into the fold of the Good Shepherd.
We found a LOT of these people who, for one reason or another, had stopped attending church meetings and never reached the waters of baptism. Now we are here to invite them again and they are accepting!

So all of these great people that we are visiting are people whose names are just sitting in a binder WAITING to be talked to and invited again. We are going to be working hard to step up to the responsibility that we have of being the missionaries that are here at this time to serve these people!
Marlen, Lidia, Walter, Jorgelina and Daniel, Daniel Lopez, Lucas and Gabriela, and a few contacts more are the names that are ALWAYS on my mind. These people are so special and I love them so much! I can´t wait to see them all dressed in white and making covenants with the Lord that they are willing to bear one another´s burdens, comfort those who stand in need of comfort...shoot I don´t remember the rest, only in Spanish. haha sorry!
So we found tons of great people. Saw lots of great miracles.
Guess what?? BOTH Hna Shelley and I got bitten by dogs this week!!!! AH! It was another one of these miracles where we received a greater testimony of the covenants we made in the temple. The two different dogs that we must have startled by walking by bit me where my covenant was covering my leg below my knee and Hna Shelley on the back of her thigh where she was also obediently keeping her covenants. We both felt the teeth on our skin but when we looked down, there was only dog slobber where there should have been blood or something. It was such a protection that I know comes from our obedience and commitment to the Lord and the many prayers in our behalf.

Funny story, we were practicing walking more ´lady-like´ because walking fast and a lot makes us get lazy about posture, etc. So walking a little straighter, heads high and feet closer together made for sore legs and backs!! We have gotten way out of habit and so walking well was difficult. Hna Shelley decided that ´walking like a woman´ wasn´t worth it. ¨It´s easier to be a man!¨ haha she cracks me up and that was something that kept creeping back up into conversation as we walked from house to house. haha :)

We were accompanied a lot this week by this great member, Veronica. She´s in a picture with us on a bridge...I love her dearly and I´ll tell you more about her next week because right now we are late to go play soccer! I am DETERMINED to learn to play so the elders are helping us, as well as members and great peeps that love hanging out with us! It´s fun! I´m so excited!
Love you all,
I know that this is the true Church and I know that my Savior lives.
Love you all for eternity!!!!
Love, see you next week!!
Hermana Gonzalez

LOOOVED all the pics this week. They make me so happy. Sam=FAIL!!! No write up about the dance but i hope you had a great time. You look great! I have a VERY attractive family!!!! Yowza!!! haha

PS Delicious Argentine ice cream. This ice cream rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!! We need it in the US!

The pics are from all over. The Congreso seals of the provinces I’ve served in. Pics with hnas Dunn and Erickson. The great views and things I see here in Ushuaia. It´s a million times safer here to take my camera around than in Congreso so you will be getting more pics!!

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