December 12, 2011

oh the weather outside is frightful.​... (the real one)

The last time it SNOWED in Buenos Aires was like 10 years ago and it freaked people out. haha I think it is funny that here, they only know about the White Christmas´ that can exist because of movies they´ve watched. Anywho…
This week we had wonderful things happen! First things first, HERMANA DUNN IS STILL HERE!!!! And she´ll probably be here a while....I THINK. I HOPE with all my little heart! I NEED HER! haha It seriously can be very challenging to have a trio BUT we have had great things come of ours here. DIVISIONS! Woot WOOT! I told you about all the future sister missionaries that we steal from other wards. haha the Elders actually called me one day to ask if we were going on divisions one day and if it was with their ward member. Oops....yes? haha We HAD called a week in advance (because she was doing finals for school) and we got her first! Early birds get the worm...which is actually kind gross but we did get to have more lessons!
Another thing I love about my Sisters is that we are focused on our investigators and we have so many different perspectives on life and background experience and spiritual experiences etc. that we end up counseling together and come up with great lesson plans focused on our investigators needs. I learn so much from them!
Hermana Erickson wouldn´t mind me telling you that she´s 25. haha but I asked her anyway. It´s funny but I really don´t think that age is an issue ever anymore. Maybe if she was 26......haha just kidding. I love her and think she is the We have a lot of common loves like food and She´s the Man. It´s super funny all the time with her and we have a lot of good times. She used to work in California as a paralegal assistant in a law office and then most recently worked in Provo at the Utah Valley Convention and Visitor´s Bureau. Hooray! We talk Provo all the time with the three of us all knowing what´s going on!
We met a great sister from Indianapolis, Indiana who was down here studying tango to teach back at her dance studio in Indiana. She was super great and invited us over for lunch. We were very spiritually edified by her testimony and love of the gospel. She shared with us this GREAT documentary (I love a good documentary) that´s on BYU TV called the 5,000 day project. Have you heard of this? It´s super great. Look it up. It´s one of a series but this filmmaker guy chose a bunch of kids and followed their lives, asked them questions and such for 5,000 days (about 10 years) and them put them together. These two brothers from an LDS family were chosen and followed over the years. It´s a tear jerker and so wonderful and amazing as the filmmaker followed the Older Brother on his mission to Chile. It´s like LEGIT mission prep stuff. haha watch it if you haven´t yet! I only saw a little bit that Sister Roach showed us and it was great!
There was a long 5day weekend for the Immaculate Conception and Día de la Virgen....basically.....we walked a lot because people weren´t home. BUT we also had great experiences teaching Prince some more. He is really struggling right now because he misses his family a ton. But he has great faith, though it´s still really hard for him to accept WHY he has to be baptized if he´s already been baptized. I have definitely grown in my testimony of the sacred Priesthood of God because of the long hours studying and teaching it to him. The Spirit has witnessed to me of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and I am so grateful for knowing that it is true, for having the gift to believe. I have never doubted. Sure, there have been times that I took it for granted in my life but those days are past. Like one of the Twelve said, This is NOT a spectator sport, nor a fast food outlet where you can ´have it your way´. This is the Lord´s way or the highway. But we always have the mercy of God to forgive us and turn around. He is just waiting for us to turn to Him. Look and Live.
The CUTEST Primary in Buenos Aires had their presentation yesterday! It was so amazing and CUTE! It helped me to love children again. I just can´t believe the outstanding difference between those reverent, scripture-memorizing, primary song-singing children and those that are not yet of our faith. I wish that the whole world could see the 4 and 5 year olds that memorized scriptures and were teaching US about the values they learned in primary this year. I LOVE THEM! Theirs is the kingdom of God!
Well, we have to get along with our P-day. Sorry so short but know that I love you and pray for you daily. I am so happy to know that my family is FOREVER.
Hope that you will be safe in the cold and snow (if it´s snowing yet) and that the preparations for the celebration of the birth of our Savior will bring not only you but many others closer to Him and the knowledge of His divine love and mercy. I know that our Savior LIVES. He is the reason for the season. No toy, sweater or socks could be enough to give Him but our Heart is what he asks.
Love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
(I mostly say that so I can remind myself that it´s almost Christmas. We might buy decorations and stuff today. We haven´t decided but we are loving the WORK!)
Love forever and ever,
Hermana Gonzalez

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